Alex Tse

The Crow Lawsuit Settled. Do We Still Want Another Movie?

Relativity Media and the Weinsteins have been duking it out over who owns the film rights to The Crow for many, many months. Possible directors and stars have already come and gone as a result of the turbulence. Finally, though, an agreement has been reached...

Bradley Cooper Talks Flying the Coop of The Crow Remake

The Crow is a film property that has to be truly cursed. Everything from tragic accidental deaths to lawyers have kept these movies from happening. Star Bradley Cooper was attached to the latest redux, and he, too, left. Why, you ask? We'll let him answer that!

The Crow Concept Art Flies High

We remember when the new version of The Crow was well on track. But then bumps in the road started sprouting up in mountainous proportions. Lawsuits. Actors leaving. And finally the coffin nail came: Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo jumped ship. Maybe this project is cursed.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Becomes Another Person Who Left The Crow Remake

The Crow just can't seem to keep anyone attached to it, huh? Yes, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo becomes yet another person who was once attached to Relativity Media's ill-advised remake. He's moving on to other things now, however, while producer Edward "I'll get this film made if I have to hold someone at gunpoint to do it" Pressman goes back to the well of acclaimed foreign directors.

A Small Update on The Crow Reboot

A tidbit of news regarding the upcoming The Crow reboot hit the Internet today in the form of producer Edward R. Pressman saying that a script has been delivered in the last 48 hours by Alex Tse, one of the Watchmen scribes.

Battling Boy Next for Watchmen Scribe

With the success of Watchmen it wasn't going to be long before writer Alex Tse landed another gig -- and said gig coming in the form of yet another comic-to-film adaptation. Who would have guessed?