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New Carrie Viral Images Are Scourged with Scorpions!

Oh, the evil things that have been wrought by the wrath of one Carrie White. Time to kick off your work week with some more viral goodies courtesy of the Carrie Facebook page. Read on for all the latest lunacy!

New Carrie Image Takes Us into the Punishment Room

So, where does Carrie White go to get punished when her psychotic mother deems her a sinner? The punishment room, of course. Today we got a glimpse inside this damned room via the Carrie Facebook page, and it is enough to drive anyone nuts!

Brian De Palma Gives Blessing on Carrie Remake

Though we'd much rather it be Stephen King who gives the thumbs-up to the remake of Carrie, Brian De Palma, director of the 1976 version of the classic King tale, recently offered the new version his blessing.

First Carrie Trailer Teases Carnage to Come!

We didn't need too much convincing that Chloë Grace Moretz would make a great Carrie, but if you're still not sure, the first teaser trailer from the film is here featuring the star covered in blood along with a reminder that "she's just a girl."

Carrie Called. Messages Left. Listen Now.

During this past weekend's New York Comic Con, it was announced that a phone line had been set up to call "the White residence" to hopefully speak with Carrie. Of course her mother didn't approve, but one caller was pretty damned persistent!

New York Comic Con 2012: Carrie - Watch the Panel, See the International Poster, Read the Footage Description, and More!

Didn't make it to the New York Comic Con to see any of the Carrie related goodness? Don't worry; Nomad was on the scene, and we have a full report and much more for you right here to dig on!

More Carrie Viral Material Shows Off Her Poetic Side

More viral madness has hit the official Facebook page for Kimberly Peirce's Carrie, and we have the goods for you right here! Everything from newspaper clippings to poetry! Check it out and look for more soon!

Birth Certificate Found on Facebook for Carrie

A new Facebook page/official website has launched for Kimberly Peirce's Carrie, and as a result we finally get to see proof that Ms. White is indeed a U.S. citizen! If only it was this easy for Obama!

Filming Wraps on Carrie Remake

The Facebook page for Kimberly Peirce's Carrie has been buzzing lately. Not only was it the director's birthday yesterday, but today marks the final day of filming.

They're All Gonna Laugh at the Official Synopsis of Carrie Remake

Well, no, they're not really going to laugh. Why? Because hopefully by the end of the prom everyone who dared to make fun of poor Carrie White will be lying in a puddle of their own blood and bile. Read on for the newly released official synopsis.

Fiery New Still From Carrie

Of all the stills we've seen from the upcoming redux of Stephen King's classic terror tale Carrie, this is by far our favorite. Things are definitely heating up! Check it out for yourselves, and start counting the days.

More Carrie Images - Pre and Post Bloody Carnage

More behind-the-scenes imagery from the prom of Carrie White has hit the interwebs courtesy of Just Jared, and we cannot wait until star Chloe Moretz is of legal age so we can comment on how stunning she looks all covered in blood!

Plug it Up with a Better Look at Bloody New Carrie Stills

Following up on last night's reveal of Chloe Moretz in full pig's blood-stained regalia as Carrie, Entertainment Weekly has just released a much better look at the imagery, and of course we have it for you here.

First Bloody Image of Chloe Moretz in Carrie and More!

Carrie fans, HERE IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Entertainment Weekly scored the very first images of Chloe Moretz as Carrie White and Julianne Moore as her crazy mama! Oh, the blood! The sweet, sweet blood!

First Set Pictures from Carrie Remake

They may not show or even tell us much, but a handful of unofficial images from the set of Carrie do relay one thing quite clearly: There will be blood. In fact, there will be gallons of it! Oh, the possibilities! Check 'em out!