Alex Proyas

SDCC 08: Alex Proyas' Dracula?!

Andrew Kasch just checked in with a Dark City: Director's Cut update and news about future projects from Alex Proyas.

First Look at Proyas' Knowing

Alex Proyas is bringing down the apocalypse and just like I always suspected, Nicolas Cage is front and center. Though I never suspected he was one of the four horsemen, more of a stable boy...

Teaser Poster & Synopsis for Proyas' Knowing

I'm no fan of Nicolas Cage, everyone who reads the site on a consistent basis knows this, but I am a fan of The Crow and Dark City director Alex Proyas, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for his latest film, Knowing, which Cage stars in. You gotta take the good with the bad, right?

Dark City, Bright DVD

If you're in the camp who believe Alex Proyas' Dark City was severely underrated compared to the Hot Topic nightmare known as The Matrix, then you are not alone. The late '90s release of Dark City on DVD was less than what we fans hoped for, and a decade later we're still waiting for justice.

Cage Set for Knowing

How does the director of one of the best, most underrated sci fi movies in the last decade end up working with Nic Cage? Alex Proyas must have pissed off some Aztec deity or something, because Cage is now set to star in his next film, Knowing, according to Daily Variety.

Proyas, Alex, and Farhi, Eddie (Knowing)

Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I, Robot) makes movies about the quests for truth and meaning. Knowing is no exception. Elementary school students open a time capsule former classmates had buried 50 years earlier. Contained within the capsule is a list of numbers predicting catastrop