Alan Wake

GOG Offers Torchlight for Free With 90% Off Alan Wake Titles

Nothing beats getting something for cheap or free. Players can now head over to GOG and get Torchlight for free and even get 90% off Alan Wake & Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Over 500 games are going on sale with daily deals offering up to 85% off until July 5th.

Humble Bundle Offers Up Alan Wake Series and Remedy Discusses Possibility of a Sequel

In a new video Remedy's Creative Director Sam Lake discusses the possibility of a sequel in the Alan Wake series as well as a special reward for fans. Also, this week Humble Bundle is offering up huge discounts on the games in the series with some of the profits going to charity.

Bonus Disc Comes to Light for Collector's Edition of Alan Wake

Remedy's boxed version of Alan Wake for PC will hit shelves on March 2nd, and it has just been revealed that an additional bonus disc will be included. We also have some new screenshots that just came to light. If you can't wait to get your hands on this new content then read on!

Launch Trailer for Alan Wake: American Nightmare and the Original Alan Wake Steams Up Your PC!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare will release next week for Xbox LIVE Arcade, and Remedy Entertainment is still pushing hard to market their game. New press releases announced new facts for the game and showed off an all new launch trailer for the upcoming release.

Alan Wake Collector’s Edition Gets Premium Content

Nordic Games is releasing Alan Wake Collector’s Edition, which will be packed full of great content, on March 2nd. You can purchase Alan Wake and Alan Wake Collector’s Edition on PC. Any avid fan of the game series will want to get their hands on what the Collector's version of Alan Wake has to offer! Read on for details.

Alan Wake Finally Receives PC Release

Acclaimed survival horror video game Alan Wake has finally been announced for PC via Steam. Starting February 16th gamers will be able to get their hands on the game and downloadable content for $29.99 or the Limited Collector's Edition for $34.99. A boxed retail version of the game is also planned for those of you interested in pretty packaging.

Exclusive: The Real World of Alan Wake

Anyone who has seen even thirty seconds of Alan Wake (review here) can pick up on the game's primary influence, that being the legendary television series "Twin Peaks". Considering that development studio Remedy is based in Finland, that came as a bit of a surprise. The amount of detail in the world of Bright Falls and its surrounding areas is intense, and it turns out that detail came at quite a bit of cost and effort.

Alan Wake: Visit Bright Falls on Xbox Live

The long-awaited Alan Wake finally drops on May 18th for the Xbox 360, but if you want to visit the cursed horror writer's world a little early, there's a great new feature on Xbox Live that you can watch right now for free as long as you have a Gold account.

Alan Wake Builds the Thriller

It's hard to believe that after what was an impossibly long wait, Alan Wake, Remedy's latest video game spooker, will emerge May 18th in North America and May 21st in Europe. Yep. It's really happening. The game has gone gold, and we've got a new trailer to prove it!

Take Five With Alan Wake

By the looks of this 5-minute video of gameplay provided by Gamerblog.fr, it seems Remedy has made good on its promise and found the key to appease the film buff in every gamer kid and the gamer kid in every film buff with the upcoming title Alan Wake.

Alan Wake FINALLY Gets Release Date ... And They REALLY Mean It This Time!

On February 11th at X10, Remedy and Microsoft FINALLY stopped the blue ball frustration for male and female gamers alike by confirming their EXTREMELY long-delayed action-adventure Alan Wake will emerge May 18th in North America and May 21st in Europe.

The Horrors of E3

With so many gameplay trailers and launch trailers coming out at such a fast and furious pace, it makes little to know sense to do a story on each one. Instead, here's a bunch of stuff all in one neat little blood-soaked spot!

UPDATE: E3: Alan Wake Awakens 2010

We've been talking about Remedy's Alan Wake for what seems like forever. Several years in fact. This year, just like the past two years, another new trailer for Alan Wake was shown at E3 - but - some actual gameplay footage appeared as well!