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If you're at Comic-Con this weekend and determined to pick up some awesome swag, then listen up! All you need are a keen pair of eyes and a smartphone with Instagram. Come on in, get your assignment, and then start hunting!

Exclusive: C.J. Thomason Talks Aftermath and More!

CJ Thomason stars alongside Monica Keena and Edward Furlong in the new survival horror film Aftermath. Recently Thomason sat down with Dread Central to discuss his feelings about the movie.

Aftermath (2014)

Starring CJ Thomason, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, Ross Britz Directed by Peter Engert

Exclusive Clip from the Aftermath

The aftermath of what, you ask? The zombie apocalypse of course! We speak of RLJ/Image Entertainment's VOD and iTunes release of the new zombie flick Aftermath, starring Edward Furlong and Monica Keena. Check out an exclusive clip, and look for the film on July 18th.

Make a Date with the Aftermath

RLJ/Image Entertainment have just announced a VOD and iTunes release date of July 18th for the new zombie flick Aftermath, starring Edward Furlong and Monica Keena. Read on for details.

New Aftermath Trailer Brings on the Horrors

RLJ/Image Entertainment have just unleashed the official trailer for the new zombie flick Aftermath, starring Edward Furlong and Monica Keena, and we have this flesh-hungry sonofabitch for you right here. Dig it!

Unlucky 13 Images Check in for Aftermath

We told you about the new zombie flick Aftermath just a couple of days ago and now we have a bunch of images and even the artwork locked and loaded for ya! Read on for all the eye candy fit to snack on!

Edward Furlong and Monica Keena Feel the Aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse

What's the only thing worse than the world coming to an end? Zombies walking the Earth in its wake, of course. In Aftermath it's Edward Furlong and Freddy vs. Jason's Monica Keena that are tasked with beating off hordes of the undead.

First Poster for Aftermath!

We just got the first look at a teaser poster for the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which is on its way from Canadian director Laurent Piche. Along with the poster, which you can see below, there's also word that some pretty big names are circling Aftermath right now in terms of studios, so keep your fingers crossed!

Pics & Updated Trailer for Aftermath

Over the weekend the guys behind the upcoming Canuck post-apocalyptic film Aftermath, which we gave you guys the first word on a few days back, updated us with a series of behind-the-scenes stills from the trailer’s shoot, as well as a higher quality version of the trailer itself! Both are featured below so scroll down to check them out, then hit the official Aftermath site to learn more!

Teaser for Post-Apocalyptic Aftermath

“The world ended on a Tuesday.” While it’s enticing to think of, I hope we can get through one more Halloween before it does. Actually, that’s the last line in the wicked teaser trailer for Aftermath, a new film coming our way from the Great White North, which you can check out below.