After Dark Originals

First Still and More Info on After Dark Originals' The Task

As you've no doubt noticed, After Dark Films is releasing more and more info on its After Dark Originals, and today we get an in-depth look at The Task including the film's first still and details on the cast and crew.

Two More After Dark Originals International Posters: Seconds Apart & Fertile Ground

After Dark has released two more of its international posters for the After Dark Originals series: Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground.

International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: The Task

Another bit of international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals has come our way that begs the question: Are you up to The Task?

Boobs and Snakes! It's the After Dark Originals International Main Event One-Sheet!

Keeping with their theme of having an incredibly hot chick somehow being obscured by horrific themes, After Dark Films has released its international main event one-sheet, and we approve. Man, do we approve!

International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: Prowl

And another bit of international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals has come our way, and this one is on the Prowl for terror!

Exclusive International One-Sheet: After Dark Originals: Re-Kill

We just got our hands on the truly badass international artwork for one of the upcoming After Dark Originals, and all we can say is wow. If only America could be this ballsy with its cover art! We get floating heads. Pensive looking floating friggin' heads.

After Dark Originals: Husk Sales Art

The first bit of sales art debuted today for the After Dark Original Husk, and we totally approve. If only because we're suckers for killer scarecrow movies! Dig it!

Complete Synopses for All Eight After Dark Originals

Wonder what to expect this fall from the eight announced After Dark Originals that After Dark Films is making in conjunction with Lionsgate and the Syfy Channel? Wonder no more! We've got the skinny on each!

First Details on After Dark Originals 51 and Scream of the Banshee

With Horrorfest very much back on track, we're really excited about After Dark Films' latest trip to the horror workshed -- the After Dark Originals, which are being made in conjunction with Lionsgate and Syfy, and the first details on two of the After Dark Originals have just slipped out.

Stills and Synopsis for Prowl, an After Dark Originals Film

Earlier this month we learned about After Dark Originals, a new series of horror movies from After Dark Films, in cooperation with Lionsgate and NBC Universal’s Syfy. Now today comes word of which film is first on the slate: creature feature Prowl.

After Dark Films Officially Announces After Dark Originals!

Are you a fan of After Dark's yearly Horrorfest? Then we've got some really cool news to share with you guys! Having never played by Hollywood's rules, next year's offering is readying itself to go into a bold and new direction. Strap in, folks! Things are about to get really interesting!