The After

Chris Carter Has a 99-Episode Plan for The After; Amazon Starting with 8 for Now

Toward the end of March Amazon Studios gave Chris Carter's "The After" a series order, but we didn't know when it would debut or how many episodes it would have in its first season. Well, we still don't quite know the former, but we do have some info on the latter...

Amazon Studios Gives a Series Order to Chris Carter's The After

This news came out about a week ago and somehow slipped under our radar, but today we're remedying that situation! Remember hearing about the new Chris Carter pilot, "The After," which Amazon posted for viewer feedback? Well, here's an update...

It's Pilot Season on Amazon - Check Out Chris Carter's The After

Back in August we got the word that Amazon Studios was proceeding with a pilot for "The After" from "The X-Files" creator Chris Carter, and now it's ready for you to watch and vote on along with a few others.

Amazon Studios Gives a Pilot Order to The After from Chris Carter

Well, "Zombieland" didn't turn out so great for Amazon Studios, but maybe "The After" from Chris Carter will fare better. We should find out soon enough as Amazon is moving forward with a pilot order for Carter’s new project with Georgeville TV.

Chris Carter Explores The After

What is it about unexplained events that fascinate us so much? Sadly, projects centered around these themes usually end up falling kind of flat... Yeah, we're looking at YOU "The Event." So who better to possibly get one right than "The X-Files"' Chris Carter?