3D Version of The Woman in Black Coming from Hammer!

Now this is the best news I've heard from AFM all day! Andrew has reported in that Hammer Films, which is having a pretty amazing resurgence already what with The Resident and Let Me In in post-production and currently filming, respectively, is about to tackle one of the best ghost stories ever written, The Woman in Black. And that's not all -- it's going to be in 3D!

Uwe Boll: Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer Shooting in January

Andrew Kasch just called in from AFM after his yearly conversation with Doctor Boll, in which the Mad German dropped an update on us regarding everyone's favorite sword swinging vampire, Bloodrayne.

AFM Synopses: Hellraiser and Scream 4

AFM is yielding lots of genre fare this year, including posters and of course synopses that hold an early look at what we can expect from two pretty prominent genre films - the Hellraiser remake and Scream 4.

AFM Posters: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Outpost II, Conan, and More

Andrew Kasch is on the scene at this year's AFM in LA and he's been sending us back quite a crop of posters from some upcoming films you may or may not be excited about.

Trailer of the Mountain Witch

One of these years I have to attend the American Film Market. The great thing about AFM is that it more or less gives me a head's up on the movies I will more than likely be reviewing in the coming year. For example, Legend of the Mountain Witch, a film that looks like a melding of Blair Witch and The Final Terror, a film I can almost guarantee I will be the one at Dread Central reviewing when it arrives on DVD.

Phobia 2 Sales Art and International Trailer

In any language anthologies kick ass. With AFM right around the corner, the sales art and official international trailer for Phobia 2 from Thailand have barreled their way online, and this one looks like a winner!

Synopsis and Art: Xavier Gens' The Fallout

Director Xavier Gens, best known within the genre for Frontiere(s), is following up his harrowing little horror film (Hitman doesn't count) with a hearty slice of post-apocalyptic nuttiness, and we have some art and the plot crunch for you.

Brian Yuzna Directs Amphibious 3D

Brian Yuzna has returned to the director's chair with a 3D monster flick that will hopefully get you all wrapped up! The news broke while we all gear up for AFM that Yuzna tackled a little film called Amphibious 3D, which centers on what happens when a marine research expedition to the exotic Sumatran Sea turns treacherous as it encounters a supernatural prehistoric creature resurfacing with a vengeance.

DON'T Follow the YellowBrickRoad

Never mind monster movies. You know what scared me as a kid? The Wizard of Oz! All those weird flying monkeys and munchkins! I still wake up in cold sweats because of The Lollypop Guild! Sorry, I know the new thriller YellowBrickRoad has nothing to do with Oz. But damn it, I needed to vent!

Sales Art and Synopsis: Secret Sunday

Some new sales art and a synopsis are on tap for Saranyoo Jiralak's new Thai horror film, Secret Sunday (also known as Number 9), which is being shopped at this year's AFM; and we've got them both here for you, all sticky like.

Trailer and Sales Art: The Reeds

Remember when it was just sharks or piranha we had to worry about when getting into the water (sorry, that isolated crocodile hunter stingray attack doesn't count)? Now there's a whole new breed of watery terrors waiting for us in the new UK chiller from Nick Cohen The Reeds -- ghosts!

Temp Trailer and Sales Art for Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

While we don't typically like comedy slapped together with our horror around these parts, we'd be lying if we said that the new horror/comedy flick Tucker and Dale vs. Evil looked anything less than badass.

Trailer and Sales Art for New Spooker The Invited

While Universal's banking on Ouija boards to be the perfect fodder for a ghost film, there's another flick that's totally beating them to the punch -- the new Lou Diamond Phillips (yes, he's still making movies) vehicle, The Invited.

Trailer: The Darkening Sky

We first told you about Rider Strong (Cabin Fever)'s new flick The Darkening Sky way back in August, and now, just in time for AFM, the flick has gotten itself a brand spankin' new trailer.

Promo Trailer and Still from Scarecrow

There's a new Scarecrow in town, and he's heading to AFM courtesy of Terrestrial Pictures. Written and directed by Joseph Bat, this iteration of the scarecrow legend is inspired by the power of myth and classic creature feature horror.