AFM 2012

AFM 2012: Celluloid Dreams of Two New Genre Films - Home and Stung

Oh, AFM. How we hate that you begin on Halloween! No fun for us! At the very least, though, we're getting some of the news out early. Read on for the latest on two new horror flicks headed our way that will be at the big dance.

International Art and Casting News for The Hunger Games Spoof The Starving Games

Given the popularity of The Hunger Games, it was only a matter of time before someone out there spoofed it. Get ready, kids, to be enveloped in the funny and food-hungry world of The Starving Games.

AFM 2012: New Sales Art for Final Girl

More eye candy has come our way, and despite the wonderfully pictured posterior, it's just a tad too I Spit on Your Grave for our liking. But, hey! It's sales art, right? And this latest poster for director Tyler Shields' Final Girl is sure to do just that!

AFM 2012: Indonesian Film Seeks Revenge from the Grave (Dendam Dari Kurburan)

Well now. Feel free to file this one under WTF as the new trailer for the Indonesian film Revenge from the Grave (Dendam Dari Kurburan) is here, and we're not sure if it's a comedy, a horror flick, or maybe just some strange combination of both.

AFM 2012: Terror Strikes at 3 A.M. in Thailand

A new horror anthology from Thailand is speeding out at us like a bullet and the one thing that all of the segments in this flick have in common is the fact that really, really bad things can happen at 3 A.M.

AFM 2012: New International Trailer and One-Sheet for The Body (El Cuerpo)

And the pre-AFM goodies continue to roll in, this time with a heaping helping of frightening Spanish seasoning. On tap for you right now are a new international trailer and one-sheet for Oriol Paulo's The Body (El Cuerpo for you purists out there).

AFM 2012: New Stills from Steve Stone's Entity

We originally brought the Steve Stone spooker Entity to your attention way back in July, and now, just in time for AFM 2012, we have several new stills for you to dig on along with the trailer and sales art.

AFM 2012: Official Synopsis Revealed for I Spit On Your Grave Too

I Spit on Your Grave Too. We're still not sure if that title is incredibly clever or extremely bad. In any event, CinTel Films has released the official synopsis for the upcoming flick, and you can read it right here after you stop staring at that amazing ass.

AFM 2012: Altitude Wants You to Kill Your Friends and Then Visit The Good People at Outpost 37

Altitude Films has announced three new film projects coming at us just in time for AFM 2012, and we have the skinny for you on each. Read on to find out what new terrors are lurking across the pond.

AFM 2012: Tiny Art From Zombie Hunter Teases

Today a little sliver of artwork has made its way online in time for AFM 2012 depicting the forever badass Danny Trejo in his latest flick, Zombie Hunter, not to be confused with Rise of the Zombies, which also features Trejo and the living dead.

AFM 2012: Everyone Looks Pensive in First Stills from Magic, Magic

With AFM 2012 looming at us like a hungry beast comprised of non-stop work and news, we're happy to get a few things out of the way early. First up we have new sales art and the first stills from Magic, Magic.

AFM 2012: Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Sales Trailer Infects the Interwebs

Okay, kids, don't get too excited. With AFM just around the corner the folks behind the latest Cabin Fever flick have put together a sales trailer for the big dance that's home to a lot of footage you've already seen. It's just been edited together to get folks all excited and stuff. Check it out.