AFM 2011

A Trailer Caught on Film for The Levenger Tapes

Funny how things work out. Just the other day we brought you your first look at the artwork for a new film entitled The Levenger Tapes, and today the producers got in touch to share the film's trailer. Science!

AFM 2011: Who's Ready to Sign Up for Some Brazilian Fear Therapy?

The country of Brazil is known for many things ... incredible asses, warm sun, and of course waxy ways of yanking out pubes, but now the ante is being upped to such a degree that therapy may be your only course of action.

AFM 2011: Traverse Hell With Lilith in this Latest Trailer

The trailer for the latest indie film from director Sridhar Reddy is here, and it takes us straight to hell. Just without all the excess heat and pitchforking. Check it out!

AFM 2011: Really Flat Sales Art for Liars All

Early sales art for Liars All has come our way pre-AFM, and after looking at it, the only thing running through our minds is, "Yeah, good luck with that." Sometimes Photoshop is just not your friend.

AFM 2011: Bewitching New Trailer for Dunderland

More witchery is on its way from Norway in the form of the official sales trailer for the supernatural spooker Dunderland. We really like saying that title aloud. Try it. Dunderland. It's fun, no?

AFM 2011: Rodgrigo Cortes Looking to Revolutionize Filmmaking with Emergo

More early news coming out pre-AFM because, you know, there's not enough going on right now. Buried director Rodrigo Cortes has another spooky trick up his sleeve. One that he promises will change the movie-watching experience altogether. Read on for the 411.

A New Poster Arrives for Monsters in the Woods

Just in time for the upcoming American Film Market, Osiris Entertainment has completed a new poster for Jason Horton's Monsters in the Woods, and of course we have a look at it for you right here! We must say it's light years better than the last one.

AFM 2011: Murder Caught on The Levenger Tapes

More AFM goodies are coming in, this time for a flick that most of you haven't heard about yet, The Levenger Tapes. Sit back for the first details and, yes, some eye candy! Dig it!

AFM 2011: First Image and Sales Art: Babycall

AFM is kicking off soon, and we're trying to get you all of the goods we can before the show even starts! We're good like that! Next up to the plate: the first image and artwork for Babycall.

Early Sales Art for The Cottage Moves In

And the sales art bonanza continues! Next up to bat is the early artwork for director Chris Jaymes' new horror flick The Cottage starring David Arquette, Kristen Dalton and Lorraine Nicholson. Check it out!

Syfy Conjures a New Leprecahn for St. Patrick’s Day

No, Syfy is not remaking Leprechaun; though I do fully expect to hear that news sooner rather than later. Leprecahn is a new Syfy original in the works that will see a murderous leprechaun reappear on St. Patrick’s Day to unleash a massacre in Cajun country.

Get Victimized by the First Image from The Wicked

Amazingly enough, evil witches of all things have never been hotter in pop culture. I can't remember the last time they were so prevalent. From TV shows to books to blockbuster movies, these old hags aren't going anywhere any time soon, that's for sure. Another flick heading into AFM featuring these big bads is The Wicked, and we've got the first still for you right here!

First Official Images from the Last Passenger Crash Their Way Online

With AFM 2011 looming in the distance (it runs November 2-9 this year), more eye candy has come our way. This time it's from Pathe International, which has released the first two images from Omid Nooshin's Speed-like horror flick Last Passenger. Check 'em out!

Soupy New Sales Artwork for Phantom

We've been talking about the cold war horror flick Phantom for a while now, and with AFM right around the corner we've snagged you some new art along with a lengthy synopsis. Dig it!

AFM 2011: Sales Art Blow Out - Creep Van, Tasmanian Devils, Ghostquake, Arachnoquake and More!

And so it begins. With AFM 2011 right around the corner, word and artwork on several new films have come our way, and we have everything we can dig up ready and waiting for you right here.