AFM 2011

AFM 2011: American Girls to Begin Filming in January 2012

We just got a look at a crazy new AFM marketed teaser trailer for the Wetwork Media/Pinnovating Productions/Zeroinside Films production of the upcoming film American Girls, directed by Eric Anthony Pereira. And let's put it this way: I've never been more disturbed by a video of two chicks crawling all over each other!

AFM 2011: There's a Steel Moon Rising

Just when you thought we were done with horror movies that take place in outer space, yet another interstellar opus has landed on our desks, and we've got the artwork and details you need to save your soul.

AFM 2011: Something Horrible Has Happened on Skylab

More outer space hijinx are ready to ensue with the latest period piece that rides the stars to infinite terror. Get ready, kids. It's time to check into the Skylab.

AFM 2011: Spanish Werewolves Ready to Bark at the Moon (Luna, el misterio de Calenda)

There's more news coming out of AFM as it enters its home stretch (thank the news gods)! Variety reports that Spain's Globomedia, one of Europe's leading scripted TV producers, is readying Luna, el misterio de Calenda (Moon) for mass consumption.

AFM 2011: MPI Gets Stitches

And MPI Media Group continues forth on its journey to be one of the horror genre's best friends by adding a little zombie mayhem to its growing terror-filled canon. Read on for all of the details right here!

AFM 2011: Lightning Strikes The Melancholy Fantastic

Some early evening distribution news has come out of the bustling American Film Market, and we've got the latest for you on tap and ready to go. Into tales of creepy dolls and Christmastime? Then, brother and sisters, do we have a fix for you!

AFM 2011: The Deadheads Find U.S. Distro

One flick we've been talking about a lot around here is the new zombie buddy comedy flick DeadHeads and with good reason, too. It looks like tons of fun. Apparently someone else thought so as the movie has finally found some Stateside distro.

AFM 2011: Horror Waits Under Ground

There's even more creature-laden goodness coming out of AFM, and as always we're here to make sure you don't miss a single monstrous moment of it. We're good like that. Get ready for a look at what horrors wait Under Ground.

AFM 2011: Sales Art and Details for As Night Falls

You know how they say that money is the root of all evil? Well, let us tell you that family is not far behind. Blood is only thicker than water because of the density of the troubles caused by these bastards. Case in point: the new terror tale As Night Falls.

AFM 2011: Patrick Remake Scares Up a Cast

We're reasonably sure that not many of you reading this story even remember the psycho little flick that was Richard Franklin's 1978 thriller Patrick. In any event a remake is on its way, and we've got some casting news for you right here.

AFM 2011: Ex Inferis Art Puts a Spell on You

Here's the thing. Don't go into the country or the woods with your friends. It's just not worth it, man. Bad stuff happens there. Just deal with the hustle and bustle of the big city. At least there you can only get killed in semi-normal ways like muggings or getting hit by a vehicle.

AFM 2011: How Far Will Greed Push You?

Greed. It's one of the seven deadly sins for a very good reason. It can consume you. Dictate your actions. Make you act out in very violent ways. In short ... we love sin! Especially sin that ends in bloodshed and carnage.

AFM 2011: A Third Look at The Wicked

What's this? Another look at the upcoming witchery of The Wicked? Why not!?! We love witches. Especially the evil hot ones who enjoy maiming nubile young teens. They perform one hell of a service! Dig it!

AFM 2011: New Ninja Zombies Art Slices its Way to You

Ninja Zombies. The premise alone is too much for us to ignore. How could we not sit up at attention to the thought of the undead wielding the art of Ninjitsu? It's just so tasty.

AFM 2011: New Hidden 3D Artwork and Stills Deliver the Spooky

We're suckers for supernatural flicks around these parts, especially good ones. That's why everything we've seen regarding Hidden 3D has gotten our attention. The flick looks creepy as hell and so do these latest teases!