AFM 2010

AFM 2010: First Poster and Images - Grave Encounters

More cinéma-vérité style supernatural shenanigans are headed our way with a new feature film called, simply, Grave Encounters. Hope you guys are ready for some first-person spooks!

AFM 2010: US Sales Art and First Stills for The Child's Eye 3D

Though very similar to the original one-sheet, the domestic artwork for the Pang brothers' latest entry into their Eye series, The Child's Eye 3D, has been tweaked a bit for us Yanks. Dig it!

AFM 2010: IFC Midnight Gets Wrecked with Adrien Brody

IFC Midnight continues its genre-loving way with its pick-up at this year's AFM of Wrecked, a psychological thriller starring Adrien Brody that marks the directorial debut of Montreal native Michael Greenspan.

AFM 2010: Fox International Heading into the Bunker

And another psychological thriller reared its head today at AFM, this one being Andi Baiz's Colombian-Spanish collaboration, Bunker. The project is already lensing in Bogota as a co-production of Fox International Productions and Colombia's Dynamo along with Spain's Cactus Flower and Avalon.

AFM 2010: Lionsgate Close to Signing Gary Ross to Direct The Hunger Games

More news out of AFM as it appears Lionsgate is this close to finalizing a deal for Gary Ross to direct its adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. Ross joined producer Nina Jacobson at the film market today to discuss their vision for the film.

AFM 2010: Outcast Scores Distro

Fresh off of picking up The Pack, Indomina Releasing has also acquired the North American rights to Colm McCarthy’s Scottish creature feature Outcast! Bring on the monsters!

AFM 2010: Trailer and Art - It Was a Black '67

There are tons of movies on sale and seeking distro here at AFM, and we're doing our best to weed through the masses and find the horror flicks that will be close to your black little hearts. Case in point - It Was a Black '67.

AFM 2010: Screen Media Nabs the Zombie Women of Satan

I mean really, who wouldn't want to spend the night with the Zombie Women of Satan? We know guys and girls who would just jump at the chance! Luckily for us the film is finally coming Stateside.

AFM 2010: First Stills from Mary Harron's The Moth Diaries

We got the goods on American Psycho director Mary Harron's adaptation of Rachel Klein's book courtesy of the madness that is AFM. Sit back, kids, and dig on the first ever imagery from The Moth Diaries! The flick stars Lily Cole, Scott Speedman, Sarah Gadon and Sarah Bolger. Dig on the ocular candy below, which includes a tiny, really tiny, look at the film's sales art!

AFM 2010: New Trailer, Art, and Stills - Priest of Evil

One flick that has the proverbial halls buzzing at AFM is Olli Saarel's uber-creepy looking Priest of Evil. We've got the goods on it for you including the plot crunch, a new trailer, and artwork! Dig it! Look for more on this one we're sure very soon! Synopsis

AFM 2010: An Eclectic Cast Prepare to Fight The Fallen

The plot synopsis for The Fallen might make it sound like a potential Syfy original movie; however, it's not. In addition, the actors assembled for this action-horror creature feature is quite an eclectic cast by b-movie standards.

AFM 2010: Official Synopsis for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

With AFM in full swing, you guys had to know some Twilight Saga news would be forthcoming, and what we have for you today is the official synopsis for Breaking Dawn along with a bit of sales art.

AFM 2010: First Look at the Sales Art - Behind the Walls 3D

You know if we had a nickel for every movie that revolved around a writer who heads out to some secluded place to write a book and ends up encountering spooky shit while trying to get their work done, we would be pretty damned well off right now. Here is another one for the fire.

AFM 2010: Really Badass Artwork for Paris, I'll Kill You

Strike the artwork we showed you yesterday from your memories. Coming out of AFM, we got our hands on another one-sheet for the upcoming anthology Paris, I'll Kill You that's going to win your heart!

AFM 2010: First Images and Art from The Squad

Yesterday morning we told you somewhere amidst the 37,000 news stories that we ran about a new ghostly tale that found the military encountering some form of paranormal activity. Lo and behold today we have artwork, stills, and even the synopsis. We're sneaky like that.