Go Inside Bates Motel Episode 2.03 - Caleb; See a Half Dozen Stills from Episode 2.04 - Check-Out

Poor Dylan. Just when we thought he might find some happiness in "Bates Motel," Norma's brother arrived to shake things up. Here's a look "inside" last night's Episode 2.03, "Caleb," along with some stills from the upcoming Episode 2.04, "Check-Out."

Enter the Bates Motel Writers' Room for Some Teases of Season 2

A&E has released a new behind-the-scenes video for "Bates Motel" that goes inside the writers' room to share how the creators craft each moment, what they're most looking forward to in the upcoming season, and more.

A&E Takes Those Who Kill Off the Schedule; Moves Bates Motel to 10PM

After airing just two episodes, A&E has pulled its new series "Those Who Kill" off the air and will move "Bates Motel" to its 10PM time slot on Monday nights, beginning immediately.

Those Who Kill Videos: Catherine Makes Friendship Difficult in this Behind-the-Scenes Look; Preview of Episode 1.03 - Rocking the Boat

Chloë Sevigny's character on "Those Who Kill," Catherine Jensen, is hard to like; and in this behind-the-scenes look at the show, the cast discuss how she endangers her friendship with medical examiner Mia Vogel.

Go Inside Bates Motel Episode 2.02 - Shadow of a Doubt; See New Stills from Episode 2.03 - Caleb

Close to a dozen stills have arrived for "Bates Motel" Episode 2.03, "Caleb," but before we show them to you, let's go "inside" last night's Episode 2.02, "Shadow of a Doubt."

Meet Uncle Caleb in this Teaser for Tonight's Bates Motel Episode 2.02 - Shadow of a Doubt

Norman and Dylan's Uncle Caleb checks in to "Bates Motel" tonight in Episode 2.02, "Shadow of a Doubt," and a new promo video has arrived to introduce us to him. Check it out, and be sure to tune in... in just a few more hours!

Take a Look at 'This Season on Bates Motel'; Get a Quick Refresher of Season 1

A new promo video for "Bates Motel" Season 2 has come in which provides an early look at some of the intense moments ahead. Also, if your memory's a little fuzzy, A&E put together a "Last Season on Bates Motel" clip that offer a convenient rundown of all the twists and turns so far.

Visit Bates Motel After Hours; Another Promo Asks: Who Is Norman Bates?

We already saw one version of this "Who Is Norman Bates?" promo for "Bates Motel," but since we just can't get enough of the whacked-out Bates family, here's the latest along with a few clips from the "Bates Motel: After Hours" special.

New Images and a Sneak Peek of Bates Motel Episode 2.02 - Shadow of a Doubt

On tap right now are several new images plus a clip from the second episode of the second season of "Bates Motel," entitled "Shadow of a Doubt." Check 'em out, and sound off about what you think about this Psycho extension in our comments section!

Those Who Kill Videos: Cast Members Talk Those Who Hunt Killers; See a Preview of Ep. 1.02 - The Way Home

Anybody catch the premiere of "Those Who Kill" last night? If so, you'll want to watch this video of the cast discussing their characters along with a preview of next week's Episode 1.02, "The Way Home."

Go Inside the Bates Motel Season 2 Premiere; Get a Sneak Peek of Episode 2.02 - Shadow of a Doubt

The DC staff is divided in our opinions of "Bates Motel" so we want to hear from you. But first here's a look "inside" the Season 2 premiere (Ep. 2.01, "Gone But Not Forgotten) plus a preview of Ep. 2.02, "Shadow of a Doubt."

Bates Motel Season 2 Premiere Tune-In Reminder Promo and a Few New Photos

Horror TV fans have a lot of choices to make tonight - Mondays are now crammed full of genre shows - but one that should be a no-brainer is the premiere of "Bates Motel" Season 2. Here are a new promo and a few more images from Episode 2.01, "Gone But Not Forgotten."

Meet the Bates Motel Season 2 Guest Stars and Watch a New Promo

We already knew most of the guest stars in "Bates Motel" Season 2, but thanks to this infographic provided by A&E, we now have a few more details. Check it out along with a new promo that asks: "Who Is Norman Bates?"

A&E to Air Live Bates Motel: After Hours Special on March 3rd

We were already pretty excited about Season 2 of "Bates Motel," but this latest news about the special live event "Bates Motel: After Hours," which is airing after the premiere, just kicked everything up a notch. Read on for the details.

Bates Motel Q&A: Vera Farmiga & Kerry Ehrin Talk Norma's Love Life, Multiple Tones, Season 3 Possibilities & More

"Bates Motel" Season 2 kicks off in just one more week, and here are the highlights of a recent Q&A with star Vera Farmiga and exec producer Kerry Ehrin. They discuss Norma's mothering techniques, what's ahead for the character, and LOTS more.