AE: Apocalypse Earth

AE: Apocalyspe Earth (2013)

Starring Adrian Paul, Richard Grieco, Bali Rodriguez, Gray Hawks Written and directed by Thunder Levin

Adrian Paul and Richard Grieco Battle and Romance Aliens in the Trailer for AE: Apocalypse Earth

Filmmaker Thunder Levin dropped a line alerting me that The Asylum has unveiled the trailer for his Costa Rican-lensed science fiction action thriller AE: Apocalypse Earth starring TV “Highlander” Adrian Paul and former teen heartthrob Richard Grieco.

Asylum Filmmaker Thunder Levin Dishes on his Sci-Fi Epic AE Apocalypse Earth and the Astounding Sharknado

It was last summer when I interviewed Asylum filmmaker Thunder Levin before the release of his litigious and surprisingly superior Battleship mockbuster American Warships.