Adrien Brody

Natali, Vincenzo (Splice)

Not a lot’s been said about Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, the story of two rebellious scientist who create a creature by splicing different DNAs which eventually becomes deadly, for a while now. A few months back we had some very early looks at the creature that stars Adrien Brody and Sarah Polle

Brody Signs on for Giallo

How does one replace the genius that is Vincent Gallo when he leaves your production because he can’t stand to work next to his ex? You bring in another large-nosed actor and hope no one notices! In the case of Dario Argento’s Giallo, said actor is Adrien Brody (King Kong, Splice).

Natali's Splice Will Satisfy

2009 still seems like a long way away, but the rewards that year will bring to the horror genre make it seem worth the wait. With '08 flooded by teen slashers and pointless remakes, it is comforting to know some filmmakers and studios are still willing to take a chance on projects like Splice.

Splice Rolling for '09

If you happen not to remember us talking about a film called Splice, let me refresh your memories. Sarah Polley, Adrien Brody and Delphine Chanéac will be under the direction of Cube helmer Vincenzo Natali as he takes us into a world of beautiful and terrifying world of genetic engineering...

Natali's Splice Details

Some fresh details have shown up regarding the next project for Cube and Cypher director Vincenzo Natali, the monster movie Splice. A casting call posted on MEW breaks down the movie for possible actors looking to participate, and I have to admit it sounds very cool;

Jacket, The (2005)

Starring Adrien (The Village) Brody, Keira (Pirates of the Caribbean) Knightley, Kris (the Blade trilogy) Kristofferson Directed by Johny Maybury