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Splice Director Vincenzo Natali Sets up Film Blog

What better way to keep up with the goings-on about one of your more anticipated films than to follow the director's very own blog? That's exactly the case with director Vincenzo Natali and his latest creature feature Splice.

New Creature Stills: Splice

While we all await some solid news on US distro, a dozen new stills from Vincenzo Natali's Splice have surfaced. and we've got them for you all fresh and bi-pedal.

AFM: First Still from The Experiment Remake

The first official still from the Paul Scheuring directed remake of Das Experiment (review), called simply The Experiment, debuted at AFM today, and the only words that come to mind for us are -- Please. Someone. Anyone. Get Adrien Brody a sandwich. Thanks.

New Predators Casting News!

A tidbit of interesting casting news for Robert Rodriguez's reboot of Predators has just come down courtesy of Variety, and we've got all the details on this latest hunt.

Splice Clip Shows Creature

It's been a while since we last talked about Vincenzo Natali's film Splice around these parts, but thankfully that's about to change starting with a clip that shows off a bit of creature action.

UPDATE: Lost's Maggie Grace to Undergo The Experiment; Sony Locks Distro Deal

The testosterone-laden The Experiment, which shows what happens when a research study on a group of ordinary men recruited to take on the roles of guards and prisoners goes terribly out of control, just got an injection of estrogen via the casting of Maggie Grace ("Lost", Taken).

Blood Flows in New Giallo Stills

Something very unpleasant is happening to Elsa Pataky, the young woman in one of three new stills from Dario Argento's Giallo; hopefully the audience won't feel the same while watching the film.

Clifton Collins Jr. Signs Up for The Experiment

Yet another inmate has signed up for Paul Scheuring's remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel's based-on-a-true-story paranoia flick Das Experiment (review). Titled simply The Experiment, if the movie ends up being a tenth as good as its cast, we could be in for a real treat!

The Experiment Finalizes Cast & Ready to Shoot

One of the best films of the past decade is Oliver Hirschbiegel's based-on-a-true-story Das Experiment (review). When the inevitable remake reared its head months ago, the name being floated to write and direct was "Prison Break"'s Paul Scheuring.

First Pics From Splice!

We’ve seen so much unofficial stuff from Vincenzo Natali’s Splice that it’s kinda hard to believe there’s actually something official from the film. But your eyes aren’t playing tricks; on your right is a bit from one of six brand-new stills the boys at Bloody Disgusting got their hands on today!

Promo Reel for Argento's Giallo

Hannibal Pictures just released a promo trailer for Dario Argento’s latest horror, Giallo, which you can dig upon below. Adrien Brody stars in Giallo as an Inspector out to find a girl’s sister, the latest victim of a maniac known only as “yellow”.

Composer Chosen for Argento's Giallo

The wait is over, horror fans! The composer for Dario Argento’s next movie, Giallo, has finally been announced! You can rest easy tonight knowing that yes, Argento’s next film will have a score!

Early Art for Argento's Giallo

Though Argento recently said that the title for his next film, Giallo, will more than likely be changed at some point before its release, that hasn’t stopped this snazzy piece of sales art from finding its way online.

First Stills from Argento's Giallo

Make your way over to Dario Argento’s official site, and you’ll be treated to a slew of new images from his latest film, Giallo, which stars Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner.

First Look at Argento's Giallo

I gotta give it to the man; even though is recent output may not be up to par with his classics, Dario Argento shows absolutely no signs of being done with movie making anytime soon. Hell, if anything else he seems to be making them faster now!