Vampire Academy Enrollment to Begin a Week Early; New Art & TV Spots Announce the Change

Pairing Vampire Academy with Valentine's Day, which happens to fall on a Friday, seemed like a no-brainer; but the powers-that-be at The Weinstein Company must see things differently as they've moved the film up a week and released a pair of TV spots announcing the change.

Concept Art Reveals BioShock Movie That Almost Was

News of a planned BioShock feature film came to a screeching halt last year when Irrational’s Ken Levine revealed that the project was dead in the water. At that point in time, Gore Verbinski had been attached to direct, but Universal apparently got cold feet about pumping so much money into an R-rated flick.

Vampire Academy - More Infographics and Stills

Another boatload of Vampire Academy goodies has made its way online today, and as always we have everything for you right here. New stills? Check. New infographics? Check. New reasons for teenage girls to shit their pants? Double check!

Sarah Hyland Front and Center in New Vampire Academy Stills

"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland is at the heart of this new batch of stills from the upcoming adaptation of Vampire Academy, and we have all the latest goodies right here for your perusal. Check 'em out!

A Slew of Vampire Academy Goodies

About every two hours today we've received a new e-mail from the powers-that-be in promotion of the new flick Vampire Academy, and rather than do several different stories, we've combined everything here for the curious!

Win a Life-Sized Bigfoot Suit or Maybe Get Some Head from Bigfoot Wars!

Origin Releasing has kicked off a very cool promotion for its upcoming Bigfoot Wars movie, and knowing how many Sasquatchploitation fans we have amongst our ranks, we wanted to make you aware of the possibility of owning your very own life-sized Bigfoot suit!

Constantine Pilot Setting Up Shop at NBC

More horror is heading our way via the small screen as THR is reporting that NBC's adaptation of DC Comics' Constantine is moving forward, and that means we're bound to see some demon-thrashin' goodness in the comfort of our own homes.

Universal Clocks in for The Wolf's Hour

What's cooler than Nazi zombies? Few things, really, but Nazis fighting Ally werewolves is pretty damned close. Speaking of which, Universal is ready to start howling again with the film rights to the Robert McCammon novel The Wolf’s Hour.

More Divergent Stills Keep You in Their Sights

The deluge of Entertainment Weekly eye candy continues; next out of the gate are new stills from Divergent. How popular is this series, you ask? The three books in the series (Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant) are currently #1, #2, and #3 on USA Today's Best-Selling Books list. The power of the tween, I tell ya!

New Vampire Academy Infographic Traces the Origins of the Strigoi

Those of you out there who are unfamiliar with the term "Strigoi" may want to pay attention to this latest infographic released for the upcoming flick Vampire Academy. That being said... come on! Get edumacated!

Take a Bite Out of the First Clip from Vampire Academy

Ready to take a trip back to high school this Valentine's Day when The Weinstein Company releases Vampire Academy? Then check out this new clip from the film, which introduces us to some of the bratty classmates at St. Vladimir's Academy.

New Clip from Divergent Shows Off More Tattoos

If you read the books or have been following our coverage of Divergent, you already know tattoos play an important part in the story. And they're front and center in this new clip from the film in which Four (Theo James) shows off his ink to Tris (Shailene Woodley).

First Word on Feature Adaptation of Horror Comic The Chair

Some exciting news landed in our inbox with regard to an upcoming comic-to-film adaptation. What we have for you right now is the first word on a feature version of one of Alterna Comics' first year titles, The Chair, written by Peter Simeti and illustrated by Kevin Christensen.

V.E. Schwab's Novel Vicious Acquired for Adaptation

Another book to film adaptation is on its way, and we have the early word on who has acquired V.E. Schwab's novel Vicious, in which two ambitious pre-med students discover that under the right conditions a person can develop extraordinary supernatural abilities.

Matthew Settles for a Role in Ouija

More casting news is coming in over the weekend for the new film based on the use of Hasbro's board game that lets you communicate with the dead, thereby leading to your own possession by evil forces until you become emaciated and die. FUN!