Celebrate Your Undying Love with Vampires, Hot Chicks, and Even Hotter Lead

Big news here, kids! In an unprecedented move a major Hollywood studio has acquired the rights to a comic book with the intention of turning the material into a feature film! Can you imagine the ramifications this will have on the film industry?!?! Oh wait ...

Time to Learn How to Defeat Your Own Clone

Another book-to-film adaptation is on the way from Dimension Films and we've got the scoop on everything you need to do should you come face-to-face with a nasty little genetically enhanced other version of yourself. It's good to be prepared! From the Press Release

Wake the Dead - Slash and Steve Niles on Haley Joel Osment

With yesterday's casting of Sixth Sense star, Haley Joel Osment, as young Victor Frankenstein in the upcoming Wake the Dead, a new retelling of Frankenstein, from Slasher Films and Steve Niles, we reached out to the powers that be for some comments.

Haley Joel Osment to Play Dr. Frankenstein in Slasher Films' Wake the Dead

Well, it looks like one of the many various Frankenstein-based projects floating around Hollywood is about to hit the fast track as it's landed a lead actor. Yep, Haley Joel Osment is set to star in Wake the Dead, the retelling from Slasher Films that’s set in the present day.

The Host Heading to Theatres in March of 2013

And release dates just keep looming further and further into the future as Open Road Films has announced a March 29, 2013 (Easter weekend) timetable for the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host.

Pierce Brosnan to Rattle Stephen King's Bag of Bones

With Mick Garris' adaptation of the Stephen King novel Bag of Bones going before cameras very soon, the first bit of casting news has slinked its way online and we have it for you right here! Dig it!

Emma Stone to Slay More Undead in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

One little lady with a penchant for killing the undead in very imaginative ways may be at it again in Lionsgate's big screen adaptation of the popular Seth Grahame-Smith mash-up novel! Read on for details.

Brian Grazer And Ron Howard Talk Dark Tower

With Ron Howard's herculean Dark Tower project on hold for now, fans can't help but lose faith in what should be an epic adaptation of one of Stephen King's greatest works. Good thing for us Ron Howard and producing partner Brian Grazer are ready with updates when we need them the most.

The Passage Leads to a Writer

More news coming in for the latest vampire-themed adaptation for Matt Reeves, The Passage. A writer has been found to handle the transition from page-to-screen. Read on for the details on just who the scribe is.

Stephenie Meyer's The Host Finds a Home

The new feature film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host has found itself a home! There are no brooding vamps to be found in this one, but we wouldn't be surprise if something ends up sparkling.

Little Vampire Goes to 3D School

Kids need horror, too. I mean, how else will they officially blossom into full-blown gorehounds if they don't cut their teeth on something from an early age? Speaking of teeth ...

Padraig Reynolds Takes Us to Starvation Heights

Hungry for a good book-to-film adaptation? Lord knows they're few and far between, but hopefully the true crime tale of Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard will do a lot in terms of satisfying your hunger for murder.

Hold on Tight! There's a Bungling Alien at Large!

Another adaptation of *gasp* a graphic novel is on its way. While we're not entirely sure just how Dread-worthy this will end up, how could we possibly resist doing a story about a movie called Alien at Large!?

Mark Wheaton's Sunday Billy Sunday Being Adapted for the Screen

Genre writer Mark Wheaton (Friday the 13th remake, The Messengers) is about to see one of his best stories, Sunday Billy Sunday, adapted into a feature film, and we have the who, what, where, when, and how for ya! We're good like that!

The Original Crow Takes Flight to Blu-ray

It can't rain all the time, but when it does, we're hoping that in Blu-ray high definition it will look better than ever. That's right, kids! The movie that started all the hoopla, ending in the tragic death of its star Brandon Lee, is getting set to make its debut in glorious 1080p.