First Official Clip from The Hunger Games Lands Online

As part of its #hungergames24 advance screening promotion, Lionsgate has released the first official clip from The Hunger Games, and of course we have it for you right here. Check it out!

Bloodshot to Fire His Way to the Big Screen

Weird things happen to comic book characters when they're adapted for the big screen. Sometimes a studio can nail it (Batman Begins), and sometimes, well, sometimes we get crap like Spawn and even worse Faust. Hopefully the powers-that-be can get Bloodshot right!

A Half-Dozen New Stills from The Hunger Games

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly has a big spread on The Hunger Games, including a half-dozen new photos from the film, one of which show characters we haven't seen yet; and we have them all for you right here!

New TV Spot for The Hunger Games - District 12

With its release just a little over three weeks away, expect lots more promotional materials for The Hunger Games in the coming days. On tap right now for you we have a new TV spot, entitled "District 12".

Lionsgate Announces 24 Advance Screenings of The Hunger Games

In celebration of another milestone in the countdown to the release of The Hunger Games, with under 24 days until the film’s release, mirroring the 24 tributes in the story, Lionsgate has announced 24 advance screenings brought to you by NOOK® by Barnes & Noble.

The Hunger Games Sets Advance Ticket Sales Record! Celebrate with Two TV Spots!

Even though the film doesn’t open for another month, The Hunger Games' first-day ticket sales on Wednesday, February 22, broke the previous first-day advance ticket-seller record set by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Friday, May 14, 2010.

Andrew Pyper's Demonologist Novel Acquired by Universal

There aren't many details available at this point, but it's just come across the wire that Universal has acquired Demonologist, a novel manuscript by Andrew Pyper, to be produced by ImageMovers partners Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, and Steve Starkey.

The Hunger Games Cast Members Hitting the Mall in Eight-City Tour

Taking a page from The Twilight Saga's playbook, talent from The Hunger Games will be embarking on an eight-city national tour to meet press and fans from March 3rd through 10th, 2012. Read on for the details!

New One-Sheet for The Hunger Games Takes Aim

And what would a weekend be without poster number twenty-five(!) for The Hunger Games? Talk about going all out on an ad campaign. Still here's another. Read on to check out the goods.

Brian Taylor Strikes Out on His Own for Twisted Metal Film Adaptation

They say timing is everything, and with the newest version of the Twisted Metal video game hitting the market today, what better time to announce a film adaptation of it? Read on for the details.

Guillermo del Toro Takes on Beauty and the Beast

It's hard to imagine a director better suited to tell the tale of Beauty and the Beast than the prolific Guillermo del Toro. Thankfully Warner Brothers thought so, too, and the project is officially cooking!

New Virals for The Hunger Games Want to Groom You for Survival

We've seen a lot of different viral campaigns over the years, but this one? These ads for The Hunger Games are so ridiculously garish that we kind of dig them. We'll let 'em speak for themselves.

Ghost Sweepers Exorcise the Berlin Film Market

Ever hear of the spooky action comic Ghost Sweeper? Well, with a film version on its way, you're bound to get a crash course. Read on for the skinny!

Battleship's Super Bowl 2012 TV Spot Hits the Web

Per usual, during yesterday's Super Bowl broadcast a number of new trailers and commercial were aired, including a pretty epic TV spot for Peter Berg's upcoming action adventure/alien invasion flick Battleship. Of course we have it in its entirety right here!

The Hunger Games: New Trailer, New Still, and IMAX News!

For fans of The Hunger Games today must feel like Christmas. Along with the debut of the second trailer for the film, we have a new still and information on its limited one-week engagement in IMAX theatres.