Life of Agony Bassist Alan Robert's Crawl to Me Adaptation Finds Writers

The search is over in terms of finding writers to adapt Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert's graphic novel Crawl to Me. Read on to see who will be bringing the novel to life for the screen.

Syfy Focuses on Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon

It's kind of funny, really. You put the word "dragon" in anything, and sooner or later you're bound to get the Syfy Channel's attention. Such is the case for this latest adaptation heading our way from the kings of the CG creatures.

Lionsgate Selects Charlie Kaufman to Adapt Book 1 of Chaos Walking Series

Early last October we got word that Lionsgate had secured film rights to the Chaos Walking trilogy of young-adult novels by Patrick Ness, and now today we've learned who will be writing the first installment in the series based on The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Lobo Finally Coming to the Big Screen

In the world of sometimes needless comic book adaptations, there have been two absolute sins. One - the fact that we're still waiting on a good movie based upon Spawn and two - DC Comics' Lobo hasn't gotten any love. Thankfully one of those two things is about to change.

Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Ready to Walk Down a Dark Hall

Could it be? Has the woman who introduced sparkling vampires into the world be done with those ridiculously emo creatures of the night who shit broken hearts? Read on for the latest.

New Clip and TV Spots for Peter Berg's Battleship

As Foy mentioned in his last box office report, Battleship is kicking copious amounts of ass overseas, already racking up a whopping $58 million before it even opens Stateside, and to get you geared up for its May 18th US debut, we have a new clip and two TV spots to share.

Tommy Wirkola Suffering from Afterburn

No were not talking about the results of a late night visit to Taco Bell or even the after effects of a scorching case of herpes. What we have coming at us now is the latest in a long line of comic book adaptations. Read on!

New One-Sheet for The Host Promises to be One of Us, One of Us!

Two Freaks references in one day? Man, we're on a roll! Anyway, next on tap for you crazy-ass cats is some new artwork for the big screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Host! Check it out!

New Battleship Featurette Travels to Goldilocks Planet

Another new Battleship featurette has crash-landed on the Internet, and this one focuses on Goldilocks Planet along with showing a bit more of the carnage we can expect when the flick arrives in theatres next month.

Battleship Featurettes Look Inside and at the Enemies

With Battleship's premiere just about a month away, we've gotten our hands on two featurettes for the film hosted by director Peter Berg. Take "A Look Inside", followed by a peek at "Enemies from Another World".

Alex Proyas Explores The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag

With his last two projects, Dracula Year Zero and Paradise Lost, scrapped due to budgetary reasons brought on by our glorious economy, director Alex Proyas has been looking for something cool to sink his teeth into. Well, it doesn't get much cooler than the work of author Robert Heinlein.

Ti West Fends Off Bedbugs in Brooklyn

Director Ti West has tackled a lot of things in his career thus far, but his latest project has our skin crawling. And itching. And yes, we think we've just broken out into an insect-induced rash. Anyone have any salve? Anyone? Hello?

First Stills from the Hypnotist Put You in a Trance

The pendulum swings back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth ... your eyes are growing heavy ... but not heavy enough to miss these new stills!

New Hunger Games PSA Posters Bring the Funny

Will The Hunger Games (review here) continue its box office winning ways this weekend? It's a good bet, but why not take a moment to have a laugh at the tributes' expense?

Sony Looking to Sharpen Their Mortal Instruments

You know, being a teenage can be hard. Your body is awkward, you're fending off acne, high school is kicking your ass... what could be worse? Well, how about finding out you're an instrument to be used as a means of keeping demons from walking the Earth? Yeah. Complicated.