Dredd Billboard Art Graffiti Leaves its Mark

If you live in a big city, you'll be starting to see a new graffiti-style billboard go up for the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic, known simply as Dredd (review). The rest of you can check it out right here!

International Trailer and Poster Premiere for The Hypnotist

Several new international character posters and an international trailer for The Hypnotist have made their way online in preparation for the film's Swedish cinema debut on September 28th and we have 'em for you right here!

Guillermo del Toro Offers Haunted Mansion Update

One of the biggest news stories to come out of the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con was no doubt Guillermo del Toro's surprise announcement that he would be remaking The Haunted Mansion based upon the popular Disney ride. It's been two years and finally we have a status update!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Tuning Up his Mortal Instruments

More casting news has hit this crazy thing we call the interwebs for the big screen adaptation of Mortal Instruments. Or in this case... more possible casting news. Read on for the latest details on who could be signing up for active duty!

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Big Budget vs. Indie Films in Latest Bonus Clip from The Hunger Games' Home Video Release

The Hunger Games arrives on home video on August 18th, and to help fuel the fervor even more, Lionsgate has released a new bonus clip in which star Jennifer Lawrence reflects on her decision to make the move from mostly independent films to the blockbuster.

Syfy Ready to Enter The Lotus Caves at High Moon

Syfy sure is on a roll as we have a third new project to fill you cats in on! The network has handed out a pilot order for "High Moon," an adaptation of John Christopher’s cult 1969 young-adult sci-fi novel The Lotus Caves.

Dark Tower Talk Revived at Warner Brothers; Javier Bardem Out - Russell Crowe In?

Interesting news coming out of the home that the Bunny built! Will this latest King adaptation finally come to pass, or is the Gunslinger still shooting blanks? Read on for the latest.

New Dredd Poster Promises Judgment!

The official one-sheet for the surprisingly badass big screen adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic, known simply as Dredd (review), has arrived, and it's standing pretty tall! Judgment is coming, kids, and you're gonna love it!

Director Peter Medak Has Finally Cracked Up

Director Peter Medak (The Changeling) is getting back into the genre game with a chilling new adaptation. According to our buddies at MovieHole, he is attached to direct Cracked, a screenplay by British horror author Sarah Pinborough based on her novel The Hidden.

Amy Berg to Show Us Every Secret Thing

Wow, doesn't that headline sound just a bit dirty? It is Hump Day after all. In any event, another adaptation is on its way, and we've got the initial details and casting news for you to get things cookin'. Dig it!

Wes Craven and Steve Niles Have Big Plans for the Coming of Rage

Wes Craven and Steve Niles. Those are two names that when uttered separately command attention from the horror fan. The two of them together working on one project?!? Okay, now we have a five-alarm horror geek fire cooking!

Liam Neeson and Mark Wahlberg Circling Neuromancer Adaptation

Things are looking extremely up for Vincenzo Natali's big screen adaptation of the best selling novel Neuromancer as some pretty big names are homing in on two starring roles. Read on for the latest.

Gale Anne Hurd to Have a Close Encounter at Area 51

"The Walking Dead" executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is getting geared up to set her sights on another menace to the human race - aliens. Or at least a certain place located somewhere in the desert that's known for housing aliens and their secrets.

New Dredd Imagery Serves Up the Bad Guys

More eye candy from the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Judge Dredd comic, known simply as Dredd (review), has hit the interwebs, and we have it all on tap for you right here free of Stallone muttering nonsense about a twin or something. Dig it!

Rachel Nichols Takes Her Time with The Ten O'Clock People

A bit more casting news is coming in for the latest Stephen King adaptation from Tom Holland, The Ten O'Clock People. Rachel Nichols has left her G.I Joe team and is now in talks to sign up for active duty on the darker side of the fence.