Marc Forster Clarifies Decision to Change World War Z's Ending

When World War Z hit home video back in September, we were bummed to discover that the much-publicized alternate ending of the film, which was completely re-shot for the finished product, wasn't included with the release or even mentioned in any of the special features.

International Vampire Academy Artwork Shows Off its Pink Side

An international one-sheet has made its way to the interwebs for the upcoming release of Vampire Academy via The Weinstein Company, and it wants you to tickle its pink spot. Wow, that sounded dirty.

Takashi Miike to Do As God Says for Toho

Takashi Miike is a staple name in the world of cutting edge lunacy in cinema. The man has delivered the goods time and time again, and now he's heading into Battle Royale territory for an adaptation of As God Says (Kamisama no lu Tori) for Toho.

Jack Reher Adapting Sideshow for the Screen

There's a new circus rolling into town, and this one favors a big chop over the big top. As if food prices at such an event weren't horrifying enough, Jack Reher will be doing his damnedest to bring some freaky terror from author William Ollie's Sideshow to the screen.

Warner Bros. Looking for a Director Bourne to Take The Stand

After director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) left the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand last week, Warner Bros. has been actively seeking someone new to take the helm. Our friends over at Badass Digest have just revealed the studio's top pick!

Lifetime Renews Witches of East End for a Second Season

With so many great horror TV shows on the air right now, we've had to cut back on what we cover in depth, and one of the victims of our time constraints is Lifetime's "Witches of East End." But if you're watching and enjoying it, you'll be happy to hear this latest news...

New Vampire Academy Trailer Has Teeth

A new trailer has made its way to the interwebs for the upcoming release of Vampire Academy via The Weinstein Company, and we have it for you here, stakes not included.

Emily Blunt Will Headline Psychological Thriller Sister

I love Emily Blunt. And the thought of her in a horror movie makes me happy. Which is why I'm happy right now. Read on to find out what the hell I'm talking about!

Yet Another Filmmaker Departs The Stand Adaptation

The more I hear about the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand from novel to motion picture, the more I become convinced that it's one of those things that just never going to happen.

Space Vampires Ready to Once Again Unleash Their Lifeforce

Many folks are unaware of the fact that Tobe Hooper’s 1985 classic Lifeforce, starring Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart, and Mathilda May, was actually an adaptation of Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel The Space Vampires. Fans of horror on TV are about to be reminded.

New Vampire Academy Stills Practice Their Moves

Several new stills have made their way to the Interwebs for the upcoming release of Vampire Academy via the Weinstein Company, and we have them all here, cold off of the slab. Check it out!

Manga Series Parasyte Coming Back to Life with Two-Part Live-Action Film

Back in 2005, New Line acquired the production rights to the 90s comic series Parasyte, with plans on Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) directing the live-action adaptation. It ended up being one of those projects that never happened...

Machinima Makes an Enormous Announcement

We told you a few days ago about an upcoming adaptation of the Tim Daniel comic property Enormous with Trollhunter's André Øvredal attached in some capacity, and now we have a much clearer picture of the monstrous goings-on!

Seth Rogen Bringing Preacher to AMC?

Big news today for people who are looking forward to the much talked about adaptation of the brilliant Garth Ennis comic Preacher. It sounds as if things are cooking in a really big way. Read on for details.

An Enormous Film Update; Trollhunter Director Andre Ovredal to Unleash Monster-Filled Chaos!

With the world poised to catch a giant-sized bug leading to unending bouts of "Godzilla Fever," there's rumbling of another Enormous creature feature looking to stomp its way directly into our monster-loving hearts.