Adam Rehmeier

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Copy of the Blu-ray/DVD of The Bunny Game

We've been hearing about how controversial The Bunny Game is for a while now. Think you're tough enough to handle it? Then enter our contest to win an autographed copy of the Blu-ry/DVD courtesy of our friends at Autonomy Pictures!

Box Art and Special Features Revealed for The Bunny Game Blu-ray/DVD Release

We recently learned when Adam Rehmeier's The Bunny Game will be getting its Blu-ray/DVD release by Autonomy Pictures (July 31, 2012), and now we have the box art and special features to share.

The Bunny Game Gets a Blu-ray/DVD Release Date and a New Poster

Autonomy Pictures sent over the second of four teaser posters for the upcoming US release of Adam Rehmeier's relentless horror film The Bunny Game and also provided us with the film's Blu-ray/DVD release date, which is July 31, 2012.

New Bunny Game One-Sheet Takes a Deep Breath

The first in a series of new one-sheets for Autonomy Pictures' controversial release The Bunny Game is here, and it makes us a bit uncomfortable just looking at it. Check it out along with new stills and a trailer!

A Home Found for The Bunny Game

It's been a long road getting the controversial little film The Bunny Game domestic distribution, but finally a light is showing at the end of the tunnel. Read on for all the details and a new still from the flick.

British Board of Film Classification Rejects The Bunny Game

So now it looks like our previous story about Trinity X acquiring UK rights to Adam Rehmeier's independent feature The Bunny Game might have become moot as the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has rejected the sexually violent film on DVD. What does that mean exactly? Read on for the details.

Trinity X to Play The Bunny Game in the UK

Adam Rehmeier's independent feature The Bunny Game has found a home in the UK with Trinity X acquiring UK rights for the nasty little film we've been talking about for over a year now.

Hang Around with New Artwork from The Bunny Game

We haven't heard anything about Adam Rehmeier's independent feature The Bunny Game for quite some time now, but the memories of the trailer still linger. Why? Because it was friggin' insane. Some teaser art has popped up to remind us of the depravity, and we have a quick peek of it here for ya!

First Details Emerge for Jonas

Around a week ago we told you about Adam Rehmeier's (The Bunny Game) creepy looking new flick Jonas, and though we didn't have much in the way of details then, a lot can change in a few days.

Jonas Preaches Horror

The director of the truly crazed looking flick The Bunny Game, Adam Rehmeier, has himself a brand new and supremely creepy looking film coming out called Jonas that we'd be horribly remiss if we didn't alert you to.

What's Black and White and Red All Over? The New NSFW Trailer for The Bunny Game

Cautionary tales. You would think that by now someone would listen to at least one of them. Especially ones concerning the horrors of meeting up with strange people and offering ... let's just say your bodily services.