Adam Kane

Syfy Renews Being Human (US) for Another Year

I have to admit I'm really enjoying the US version of "Being Human". Yeah, Josh is totally annoying, and Sally is nowhere near as endearing as Annie, her British counterpart. But both Aidan and Bishop kick all kinds of ass. Apparently Syfy agrees as they've just renewed the show for another year.

Syfy's Being Human Premiere Sets Record

Though we're still not entirely sure why they just couldn't start running the original hit British TV series "Being Human", it seems that the folks over at Syfy are obviously on the right track with their remake.

Promo Package Revealed for Syfy's Being Human

With the January 17, 2011, premiere date for Syfy's "Being Human" redux just a few weeks away, the network's promotions department has started sending out press kits for the show, and we've got a sneak peek at what they contain.

Syfy Unveils Cast Photos, Character Descriptions, and Promo Video for Being Human

After months of speculation Syfy has finally unveiled cast photos, character descriptions, a full synopsis, and even a promo video for its redux of the British TV series "Being Human", and we have to say it's looking a lot more promising than we first thought ... mostly due to two little words: Mark Pellegrino, who plays the charismatic but menacing Bishop.

Synopses of First Four Haven Episodes

Syfy's new series "Haven" is set to debut on Friday, July 9th, and last week they released the descriptions of the first four episodes. The stars of "Haven" include Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Richard Donat, and John Dunsworth.

Find a Haven on Facebook

Considering it debuts in just a few weeks, you'd think Syfy would have opened up a "Haven" Facebook page long before now, but in any event, it's finally live and has five pictures from the set along with a fresh piece of key art.

Second Teaser Promo: Stephen King's Haven

Stephen King fans waiting to get their second glimpse at his next project for Syfy, "Haven", need not wait a second longer as the network with the now silly name has unleashed the second teaser trailer.

Haven Writer on How the Show Differs from Its Source Material

Several comments along the lines of "Haven seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Stephen King novel (The Colorado Kid) on which it's based" got us wondering about the upcoming Syfy series. Luckily, thanks to the magic of Twitter, the show's co-writer, Sam Ernst, has cleared things up a bit.

Teaser Promo: Stephen King's Haven

Fans of Stephen King waiting to get their first glimpse at his next project for Syfy, "Haven", need not wait a second longer as the network with the now silly name has unleashed the first teaser trailer.

Stephen King's New Horror Haven Finds a Helmer

Fans of Stephen King have been anxiously awaiting some more supernatural mayhem from the master, and his new television series "Haven" looks like it could very well deliver the goods.