Adam Green

Adam Green Adds More Items to Boston Charity Fundraiser Auction

Adam Green is prepared to go the extra mile and then some to make sure that as much money is raised for the One Fund Boston as possible. That being said, he's put some really cool things up for auction, several of which are completely one-of-a-kind. Check it out!

Hatchet III and Holliston Creator Adam Green Raising Money for Boston with Special Event

Knowing Adam Green as well as I do, I can tell you first-hand that the only thing bigger than his ambition is his heart. In light of the recent tragic events in Boston, Green is heading home with an agenda that you will WANT to be a part of!

Adam Green and Joe Lynch Open The Movie Crypt Podcast; Commentary for Friday 2 Included

Adam Green is a man with too much going on, and yet he keeps on going. Rather than use his weekly two hours of free time for sleep, he's now launched his latest project - The Movie Crypt Podcast - with his partner in crime, Joe Lynch!

First Holliston Season 2 Trailer Arrives with a Rimshot

No, not that kind of rimshot, you friggin' perverts (though we're pretty sure you'll be getting that too eventually)! The wait is over, kids! The official trailer for "Holliston" Season 2 has arrived!

Over a Dozen Screen Grabs from the New Hatchet III Trailer

With the official trailer for Hatchet III finally arriving, we took a few minutes to capture some of its more memorable moments. Check out these stills, and look for more from the flick as we get it!

NSFW Red Band Trailer for Hatchet III Hits the Internet with a Splat!

The time for teasing is over as the official full-length red band trailer for Hatchet III has arrived, and it's brimming with gooey red stuff, fire power, and everyone's favorite power tool-wielding swamp ghost! Check it out!

Hatchet III Exclusive: Never Before Seen Images of Kane Hodder Becoming Victor Crowley; Adam Green Speaks! Boston Fundraiser in the Works!

Okay, Hatchet Army! This one's for you! On tap now are some never before seen exclusive images of the legendary Kane Hodder becoming Victor Crowley and much more!

Badass New Hatchet III Teaser Poster!

Ya see, now this? This we like! In anticipation of the Hatchet III panel at this weekend's Monsterpalooza, Dark Sky Films has released a new teaser poster for the flick and it friggin' rules. Dig it!

Holliston Cast Thrills Another Convention with Live Reading in Preparation for Season 2 Premiering on June 4

Much like they did at Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA, back in October, the cast of "Holliston" performed a live reading at HorrorHound in Cincinnati to the delight of the packed house.

Holliston Season 2 Premiere Info; Epic New One-Sheet

They're back! No, not the evil preacher and his minions who mercilessly haunted and hunted Carole Anne in the Poltergeist films (though that would be pretty rad)! We're talking about Joe Lynch, Adam Green, and company as "Holliston" is set to return for Season 2! Fahkin'-A!

Hatchet III in Theatres This June! First Teaser Trailer Arrives!

You've waited patiently to enter the swamp for a third time, and now you're gonna be rewarded big time! Read on for the release details as well as the first teaser trailer for the long awaited Hatchet III.

Happy Holidays from Holliston! Watch the Christmas Special Right Here!

We've made no bones about our love for Adam Green and Joe Lynch's devilishly delightful horrific sitcom "Holliston". And the boys have a couple of special treats for you this holiday season: a free look at the show's Christmas special and a live chat on Facebook.

More Details on and a New Still from FEARnet's Holliston Christmas Special

A week from today, on December 18th, FEARnet’s “Holliston,” created by and starring modern genre master Adam Green (Frozen, Hatchet), returns with a brand new one-hour Christmas special and a Season 1 marathon to whet viewers’ appetites for the premiere of Season 2 in June.

Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel - Filmmaker Adam Green

Horror fans love their icons. We watch our favorite movies repeatedly. We visit horror conventions to get up close and personal with the horror stars. We've worshiped the Romeros, Cravens, Hoopers and Carpenters and loved the Englunds, Moseleys, Todds and Hodders.

Bootlegged First Clip from Hatchet III Slices its way Online

With FEARnet showing a host of Adam Green films today, the network also managed to sneak in the very first clip from Hatchet III, which a DC reader bootlegged and sent in. Dig it and look for the high-res version soon!