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First Hatchet Theater Listings!

Finally! Adam Green’s old school American horror flick, Hatchet, is due to chop its way into cinemas on Friday, September 7th (that’s two weeks, FYI), but the question has always been: Which theaters? Anchor Bay has finally let the cat out of the bag snd unveiled the preliminary list for your eyeballs!

Moore, Joel David (Hatchet)

Remember the days when slasher films used to rock? Back when violence and mayhem equaled fun instead of resembling a bad WB televis

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 4

Spiral (2007)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Joel Moore, Amber Tamblyn, Zach Levi Directed by Adam Green and Joel Moore

Green, Adam (Hatchet Q&A)

The following is a transcript of a Q&A attended by Adam Green following a riotously successful screening of his film, Hat

Ladies of Hatchet, The (Hatchet)

Remember the days when slasher films used to rock? Back when violence and mayhem equaled fun instead of resembling a bad WB televis

Bring Hatchet to Your Theatre

Green on Hatchet 2, Dead West

This April horror fans will finally get to see what a lucky few have been talking about for almost a year now; Adam Green's bayou slasher opus Hatchet. Anchor Bay will be putting Green’s debut horror movie in theaters across the U.S. and now it’s looking like we’ll be seeing even more of the film’s menacing madman, Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), sooner than originally thought.

Green, Adam (Hatchet)

Everyone pays their dues. Know that. There's no easy way to the top in Hollywood, unless you're some Cronenbergian brood of a rich studio suit, I suppose. Luckily, that wasn't the case for Hatchet di

Bell, Emma; Ashmore, Shawn; Zegers, Kevin (Frozen)

There are very few directors who would be ballsy enough these days to put three young actors alone, stranded on a ski lift, and think that would work as an entertaining horror movie. This is what makes the upcoming Frozen and its director, Adam Green, that much more remarkable in terms of pr

Solet, Paul, Green, Adam (Grace)

“There are no shortcuts.” This has been writer/director Paul Solet’s mantra for the last three and a half years as

Wintory, Austin (Grace)

Generally, horror film scores don’t really do much to distinguish themselves within the genre. That’s why composer Austin Wintory knew when he started working on the sco

Green, Adam (Hatchet II)

While talking to Adam Green about his upcoming film

Green, Adam (Spiral)

With Spiral (review here), director Adam Green proves that he's a lot more than just the guy who made one of the most maligned and celebrated slasher films in recent years! We sat down with Adam to talk switching

Green, Adam (Frozen)

So when exactly does Adam Green sleep? That's been the question floating around here at the Dread Central offices and honestly? The answer will probably remain a mystery for eternity. Recently w