Adam Green

Hatchet 2 Cast Expands by Two as Nick Principe & Alexis Peters Sign On

In this age of the Internet, especially as it pertains to social networking, the job of a press agent is quickly becoming obsolete. Case in point: two new additions to the Hatchet 2 cast recently came to light via an update of the movie's listing on IMDB and a wall posting on Facebook.

Half a Dozen New Frozen Stills

More Frozen news? Already?!? Hey, man! This is the internet! Things move sometimes impossibly fast! Still, we just got our sticky little fingers on some official behind-the-scenes stills from Adam Green's latest flick and we figured we'd spread them around!

Frozen Q&A with Adam Green

We've all heard about films sometimes being really hard to make. The conditions director Adam Green made his upcoming film Frozen under were nothing short of psychotic. Dread Central received a Q&A with Green in which he sheds a lot of light on this chilly new project!

Adam Green Blogs Frozen and Hatchet 2!

It seems like almost every great horror film has an eerie story around production: The Exorcist, The Omen and Three Men and a Baby have all spawned their own creepy lore and, thanks to a recent blog post, it looks like Adam Green's Frozen might be joining those ranks...

Terror Tweets: Hatchet 2: First Look at Victor Crowley's House of Horrors

It's just in the air, isn't it? As Adam Green's Hatchet 2 grows nearer to being filmed, you can almost smell the scent of blood and gore. Though that could also be remnants of last night's late night Taco Bell run, but still!

Official Frozen Website Opens Its Doors

Cold outside? Well, don't look to warm yourself up by sitting beside your PC surfing the net for greener pastures because things just got a bit more frigid online! That's right, kids, the official site for Adam Green's Frozen has just opened its doors, and though it's a bit barren now, we hear you should keep an eye on it for lots of goodies really soon!

Trailer Debut for Adam Green's Frozen

Finally the trailer for Adam Green's Frozen has debuted, and much like the film itself, it is extremely badass! Just try and deny the chills! We get cold just watching it!

Terror Tweets: Images from Hatchet 2 Table Read

They don't show much, but Adam Green posted a couple of photos on his Twitter page from yesterday's first Hatchet 2 table read. One thing's for sure ... you don't want to mess with Kane Hodder!

Frozen One-Sheet Gives You the Chills

One film everyone's looking forward to seeing at this year's Sundance is Adam Green's Frozen, and with good reason ... the flick is pretty damned good, not to mention super intense. The official one-sheet debuted tonight, and we've got the road map of where to see it.

First Stills from Adam Green's Frozen

The wait is nearly over for the release of Adam Green's latest film, Frozen, which turns the term "Survival Horror" on its ear! We're just a few short weeks away from the film's debut at Sundance in January (after which Anchor Bay will release the film in select theatres February 5th), and to gear up for this bona fide chiller, we have some stills for you!

Adam Green and Joel David Moore's Spiral Coming to Blu-ray

Adam Green and Joel David Moore's stellar psycho-drama Spiral (review here) will be hitting Blu-ray hi-def next year and we've got the artwork for you!

A.J. Bowen and Tom Holland Join Cast of Hatchet 2

Two more names have been added to the cast of Adam Green's sequel to his original bloodbath, Hatchet 2 and we couldn't be happier!

Danielle Harris Lands Lead in Hatchet 2

That's right, kids, you read the headline correctly! We've just gotten word that everyone's favorite final girl Danielle Harris has landed herself the lead in Adam Green's upcoming and highly anticipated sequel Hatchet 2.

Hatchet 2 is a Go! Adam Green Returns!

The news plenty of horror fans have been looking forward to finally broke this morning ... Adam Green will be returning to the ground that put him on the map to write and direct Hatchet 2. Of course, we dug a little deeper and got you guys some more info beyond the surface stuff.

Ready to Be Frozen in February?

The dead of winter. What better time to release Adam Green's long awaited film Frozen than when most of the country are shivering their asses off?