More Nazi Zombies on the Way in COD:WaW

Shooting the undead never gets old. Shooting them in a World War II setting has proved to be even more fun! Get set, soldiers, Activision is readying Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 featuring “Shi No Numa” The Zombie Swamp for deployment!

The Skinny on Prototype

Heard about the new sandbox game coming this June from Activision called Prototype yet? Well, get ready for an ear and an eyeful as we have a video that clues you on on exactly what gamers can expect!

Call of Duty Nazi Zombies in Action

We got our hands on a couple of trailers that show you the new Nazi Zombie level in Call of Duty: World at War in blood drenched action. We just have one question for you -- why are you not playing this yet?

New Wolfenstein Site Now Open

The two available Nazi Zombie levels in Call of Duty: World at War not enough to satisfy your blood lust? Well, how about a whole damned game full of them and other creatures?!?

Fight Nazi Zombies on Us!

Yesterday we announced that Call of Duty: World at War was getting a new map pack that included a brand new Nazi Zombie level called “Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum). Today we've got your chance to win a token to get the DLC for FREE!

More Nazi Zombie Mayhem for Call of Duty: World at War

Yeah, I know. A story about Call of Duty: World at War on Dread Central. Well, any gamer who's worth their salt knows the reason for this -- Nazi Zombie Mode! The good news? Come March 19th, we're gonna be getting more of it!

Monsters Vs. Aliens Video Game Coming in March

Activision has just announced a new game based upon the new Dreamworks Animation 3D film Monsters Vs. Aliens. The film itself, due out in March of 2009, is a comedic homage to the classic 50's monster movie which pits a gang of misfit terrestrial monsters against an unstoppable alien force.

Marvel Zombies Headed to Consoles?

File this one under rumors for now, but expect to be taking it out of that filing p soon. With E3 almost upon us, people usually do a poor job of keeping things secret and over the weekend a whole plethora of projects leaked out all over the place.