Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Killers Revealed!

Updated: Added Instructions To Access Zombie Mode. SPOILER ALERT. For Realsies. Don't come here yelling "AW, YOU RUINED IT!!!" because you've been warned. Okay, ready?

Activision Takes Us on a Blood Drive

Welly well well, darlings. It seems there's a new racing game with a twist coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall titled Blood Drive, and it is being touted as "Shaun of The Dead meets Mad Max meets Death Race" (the ORIGINAL, I'm hoping).

Wolfenstein Launch Trailer

The time for gamers to blow the piss out of the Nazi undead is right around the corner, and to celebrate this gore-soaked occasion, Activision has dropped the official Wolfenstein launch trailer on us!!

Wolfenstein - Behind the Scenes Video

With the release of Wolfenstein just around the corner, Activision has seen fit to drop a pretty nifty behind-the-scenes video on us for you guys to dig on!

4th Nazi Zombie Level Coming for CoD:WaW

Hmmm ... let's see. Left 4 Dead four levels of Zombie mayhem. Call of Duty: World at War four levels of Zombie mayhem. Sadly, no matter how much we love L4D, we have to concede that with the addition of the new Zombie map “Der Riese”, COD:WaW levels the playing field a bit in terms of pure co-op against the living dead fun.

Final Wolfenstein Box Art

If you're anything like our bloodthirsty staff, you cannot wait to start blowing the piss out of Nazi zombies, cultists, and creatures in Activison's latest title, Wolfenstein. Its release cannot get here soon enough, but in the interim we have a look at the final artwork for you!

New Trailers for Activision's Wolfenstein

The time for us gamers to blow the piss out of the Nazi undead is drawing nearer. Three new clips surfaced recently for Activision's upcoming horror shooter Wolfenstein that know how to whet the old whistle for fire-power and blood!

Prototype (Video Game)

Reviewed by Ryan "Plagiarize" Acheson Available for the Xbox 360 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, PC Rated M for Mature Published by Activision

New Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Map Tomorrow!

Yet another map pack drops tomorrow for Activision's Call of Duty: World at War, and the best part? We're getting yet another new Nazi zombie level! Get ready, kids! “Shi no Numa -- The Zombie Swamp" is ready for deployment!

New Prototype Trailer

A new trailer for Activision's Prototype hit online today showcasing the Flight of the Hammerfist! What's that, you ask? Just a bit more badassery to dazzle your mind with!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Uncaged Edition (Video Game)

Reviewed by Adam McCabe Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed here), Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC Developed and Published by Activision

Activision's E3 Horrors

Ever since the early Atari days Activision has been pumping out quality games. Join us as we take a quick look at what the software giant has announced and in store for genre fans at the upcoming E3 show in June!

Sample the Goodness of Wolfenstein's Particle Cannon

Ask gamers what their favorite part of a shooter is, and I'm pretty sure the answer will be firepower. Sheer, melt your friggin' face off firepower. A new clip surfaced recently for Activision's upcoming horror shooter Wolfenstein that demonstrates the goodness of one of the game's weapons -- the friendly neighborhood particle cannon! Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Prototype Opening Cinema

The opening video for the upcoming Activision game Prototype has surfaced online, and it's looking all sorts of splattery good! Yessir, there's nothing like a little post-apocalyptic mayhem to bring a big smile to your face!

Prototype Mission Variety Video

Here at Dread Central we play lots of video games. It keeps us sane, ya know? With all this talk of remakes and needless sequels, our stress levels can be overwhelming at times. Good thing we get to take out our aggression digitally! Our next playground? Activision's Prototype.