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Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton

steve barton - About Us Co-Founder DreadCentral.com/Editor-In-Chief DreadCentral.com
Uncle Creepy on Twitter
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Uncle Creepy was born the son of a circus magician and lived a life of hardship amongst the carny freaks. After a brief stint as a knife thrower, he was forced to run away from the circus due to frequent violent confrontations with the Lobster Boy.

Once on the road at the age of 6, he was taken in by a clan of Aboriginal tribesmen and forced to run with a pack of wolves in order to hone his killer instincts. At the age of 7 Creepy moved to New York City, where he got his first real break into the American workforce as a gravedigger. Not having enough cash to afford a car just yet, he had to resort to getting around on his Schwinn unicycle.

In the 90s Creepy quickly rose to stardom as “The Polka King,” a name given to him by his many fans. Uncle Creepy appeared numerous times on Arsenio in his trademark fez and kilt. While on the show for the umpteenth time, he met Minnie Pearl, who was there to promote her new cookbook Cajun Cookin’ with Minnie, and old UC fell in love for the first time in his life. He and Minnie began a 4-year relationship, in which he taught her the nuances of polka and she enlightened him to the joys of hillbilly humor. Even though life was swell, eventually Minnie’s Cajun cooking triggered a severe gastrointestinal disorder in his bowels, and now it’s rumored that he lives on a strict diet of wood-shavings, carrot juice, anchovies, and sangria.

Years later Uncle Creepy found his true calling — becoming a pop culture icon. He can now be found writing for the world’s most hardcore horror website DreadCentral.com. There’s is no word on when or if he will ever polka again.

Jon Condit

jon condit - About Us

Co-Founder DreadCentral.com/Developer
Jon Condit on Twitter
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I’ll write a bio when I’m done ruining people with a kickass site.

I’ll also write another bio when I’m done boxing the Box of Dread.

Jonathan Barkan

jonathan barkan - About Us
Managing Editor DreadCentral.com
Jonathan Barkan on Twitter
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Jonathan Barkan is the managing editor of Dread Central. He has been writing about horror in its various mediums for nearly a decade and has appeared on multiple podcasts, radio shows, and panels at various film festivals.

The Foywonder

bigfoot - About Us
B-Movie Specialist/Contributing Writer
The Foywonder on Twitter
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A completely unstoppable force of pure schlock and awe!

The enigma continues . . .

Staci Layne Wilson

Staci wilson - About Us
Contributing Writer/Field Correspondent
Staci Layne Wilson on Twitter
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Staci Layne Wilson is one of those rare born-and-raised-in L.A.-and-still-living-there unicorns. However, she is a Hollywood screenwriter and filmmaker, so maybe she’s not too unique after all. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, but she got a pet monkey for her sixth birthday so it wasn’t all bad. When she’s not working, you can find Staci whipping up a mean cup of coffee, running with scissors, or watching The Shining for the eleventy-bajillionth time.

Sean Decker

sean decker - About Us
Screenwriter/Producer/Field Correspondent
Sean Decker on Twitter
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Sean Decker is a Los Angeles screenwriter and producer, having sold his co-authored script Alluvial to Fire Sign Films in 2009, as well as having produced the feature L.A. Slasher, among others. Attracted to horror at a young age, he cut his teeth as a horror journalist and news editor at Universal Studios HorrorOnline (1997-2003) and then honed his craft at Fangoria (2004-2009) before matriculating to the Dread Central masthead in the fall 2009.


David Gelmini

david gelmini - About Us
Contributing Writer
David Gelmini on Facebook

David Gelmini has been hooked on gore and horror ever since he saw Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers at the age of eight. He also has a Master’s Degree in Film, and is constantly on the lookout for the next big horror hit.

Mike Sprague

Mike sprague - About Us
Contributing Writer
Mike Sprague on Twitter
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Mike Sprague is a writer for Dread Central and Arrow in the Head. He has also written and directed the animated web-series “Roomies” and completed shooting his first feature film Echo River last summer.

Anya Stanley

anya novak - About Us
Contributing Writer
Anya Stanley on Twitter

Anya Stanley is a California-based writer, columnist, and staunch Halloween 6 apologist. In addition to her monthly Gender Bashing column at Dread Central and her Video Nasties column at Daily Grindhouse, Anya’s genre analyses have appeared on Birth Movies Death, Vague Visages, and wherever they’ll let her talk horror.

Matt Boiselle

matt boiselle - About Us
Contributing Writer
Matt Boiselle on Facebook

Born and still currently residing on the East Coast side of things, I first cut my teeth on the grandeur of the horror genre when my mother made me watch The Exorcist when I was only 6 years old. Oh, the stories I told to my 1st grade class the next day!! I’ve been obsessed with this brutal, bloody and beautiful brand of filmmaking ever since, and consider myself to be blessed to have been writing for this site since 2014.

Ted Hentschke

ted hentschke - About Us
Contributing Writer
Ted Hentschke on Facebook

“Oh god please send help. They’ve kept me here for five years and won’t let me stop writing about video games. They keep me chained to the radiator and only let me eat their spare McNuggets. Every time I ask why they won’t let me go a large bald man splashes me with a cold bucket of water and tells me I look pretty when I type. They monitor all my communication, my only hope of getting this message out is through the author page no one ever bothers to check. Please, I don’t know where I am, but call McDonald‘s and find out where they sell the most McNuggets. There are literally millions of them.”

Freddy Ruiz

freddy ruiz - About Us Contributing Writer
Freddy Ruiz on Twitter
Freddy Ruiz on Facebook

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas with an appreciation for the arts, Freddy attended Booker T. Washington High for the performing arts honing his skills in acting, writing, directing and film. He spent most of his free time at horror conventions and rummaging through bins fo horror movies trying to find the most obscure jewels of the bizarre. After graduating he worked in a comic shop while taking various writing jobs around Dallas for independent television shows and commercials until he got a steady review job over at Nerd Ninja. He wrote a yearly 31 days of horror column every October which garnered the attention of Blumhouse.com where he began writing horror specific articles and continued on writing for Dread Central and Ghastly Grinning.

Matt Donato

matt donato - About Us
Contributing Writer
Matt Donato on Twitter
Matt Donato on Facebook

Matt is an NYC-based internet scribe who spends his post-work hours geeking over cinema instead of sleeping like a normal human. He seems like a pretty cool guy, but don’t feed him after midnight just to be safe. You can follow his antics on Twitter/Letterboxd/Instagram at @donatobomb and be sure to check out his monthly “Drinking With The Dread” column right here at Dread Central. Cheers to the beers, boos and bloody good horror!

Josh Millican

Josh Millican - About Us
Contributing Writer
Josh Millican on Twitter
Josh Millican on Facebook

Josh Millican is a life-long horror fan and an avid scribe. A graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz with degrees in American Literature and Creative Writing, Millican is also the head writer for Horror Freak News and a frequent contributor to many other well-known genre websites. In addition to his work as a journalist, Millican is the author of the horror novel Deeper Than Hell, released online as a monthly serial. He’s especially interested in 21st Century horror with supernatural and metaphysical motifs.

David Hahn

david hahn - About Us
Contributing Writer
David Hahn on Facebook

David Hahn has been a horror fan since sneaking a viewing of Polanski’s Fearless Vampire Hunters on late-night TV more than 40 years ago (yes, he had nightmares about it). These days, his love of horror films focuses on Asian horror movies and hardcore transgressive films, but more than anything else David is known for his massive board game collection, which now tops more than 2500 games, many of which are dripping with horror themes. It therefore makes sense that David pens Dread Central’s Last Meeple Standing column, writing reviews of horror board games from around the world, both old and new. For giggles and shits, David likes to hang from flesh hooks. No biggie.

Anthony Arrigo

anthony arrigo - About Us
Contributing writer
Anthony Arrigo on Facebook

Born in Hartford, CT, currently residing (for the past thirty-ish years) in Orange County, CA. Hobbies include worshiping at the altar of physical media, crate digging, pumping iron, and writing. Favorite actors include Charles Bronson, Kurt Russell, and Godzilla. When working, he can be found on set slaving away in the A.D. department.


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