TV Pilot Update: ABC Finds a Director for The Returned; CBS Explores the Anatomy of Violence

At the end of January ABC greenlit a pilot for "The Returned," and it now has a director and a new location. In addition, CBS has ordered "Anatomy of Violence," a pilot from the team behind "Homeland."

More Pilot News: ABC Picks Up Gothica; NBC Heading to Wonderland

We're not done yet with pilot season for the TV networks, and today we have word on two projects that could be interest to genre fans.

Horror on TV: Three New Pilots to Keep an Eye Out For

It's pilot season for television networks, and while the horror offerings thus far have been on the light side, in addition to the previously mentioned "The Sixth Gun" at NBC and "The Originals" at The CW, we have news on three more pilots we'll be keeping our eyes on.

666 Park Avenue Fans Now Have to Wait Until Summer for Answers

Fans of ABC's cancelled series "666 Park Avenue" are going to now have a much longer wait before achieving any sort of closure as the network has suspended broadcasts of the show until the summer of 2013.

ABC to Re-Animate The Returned with Brad Pitt's Plan B

ABC is hoping that maybe the living dead of "The Returned" can give them that spark of life in the ratings they seek. I mean, if you can't count on a zombie show to get eyes on your network, then what can you do?

Is ABC Shielding Us by Shelving Weird Desk?

Just a few days ago we brought you news of a new “X-Files”-ish ABC summer series titled “Weird Desk”. A week ago the network gave the supernatural series a 13-episode straight-to-series order. A week later it’s straight to oblivion, and some Marvel superheroes could be the reason why.

Next Summer ABC Will Check All of Its Paranormal Investigations at the Weird Desk

Aside from “Lost” ABC doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to TV shows with a supernatural bent. The Disney-owned network hopes to change that this coming summer with a new paranormal procedural with the peculiar title “Weird Desk”.

Despite Cancellation 666 Park Avenue Fans Will Get the Answers to Their Questions

Despite the show's recent cancellation, fans of "666 Park Avenue" should still receive some closure when the series ends its run on ABC as executive producers David Wilcox and Matt Miller promise they are "building to a powerful and surprising series finale."

ABC Cancels 666 Park Avenue

Despite its People's Choice Awards 2013 nomination for "Favorite New TV Drama" and ABC recently ordering a few more scripts for the series, the network officially gave "666 Park Avenue" the axe today.

New Still from 666 Park Avenue Episode 1.09 - Hypnos - Features Whoopi Goldberg

We've been sporadic at best with our coverage of ABC's "666 Park Avenue," mainly because we didn't think it'd last long given its low ratings. In any event, here's a look at the show's upcoming guest star Whoopi Goldberg in character from Episode 1.09, "Hypnos."

ABC Sticking with 666 Park Avenue

The ABC Network is showing a tremendous amount of faith in its devilish new horror show "666 Park Avenue," as it has ordered two more scripts for the series despite it tanking like a lead balloon in the ratings.

ABC Answers the Strange Calls

Picture if you will being alone at night and sitting in silence when the phone rings. All of a sudden the telephone rings breaking the silence. Immediately you fumble for the phone and answer. At the other end of the line something strange awaits.

A Sneak Peek of 666 Park Avenue Episode 1.02 - Murmurations

Now that the "666 Park Avenue" pilot has aired, we're looking forward to really getting into the meat of what the heck is going on behind the walls of The Drake, and this sneak peek of Episode 1.02, "Murmuration," reveals a bit more via a clip in which Jane makes a rather disturbing discovery.

Meet Some of the Residents of 666 Park Avenue

Ready to check out "666 Park Avenue" on ABC this coming Sunday? Or maybe you're a bit on the fence. In either event the network has released a couple of new videos to introduce you to the show: Meet Jane and Henry (Rachael Taylor and Dave Annable), and then spend some time with the Dorans (Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams).

First Details on and a Photo from 666 Park Avenue's Halloween Episode

As you'd expect from a show called "666 Park Avenue," ABC is pulling out all the stops for its new series' Halloween episode, including an homage to one of the original Masters of Horror, Alfred Hitchcock.