ABC Announces the Premiere Date of Resurrection; Check Out Our Overflowing Image Gallery

ABC is currently the least horror-friendly network on the air, and we're still not sure if its upcoming "Resurrection" will appeal to the genre crowd; but now that the series has a premiere date, we thought we'd pass it on so you can judge for yourselves.

Another Stephen King Adaptation Heading to TV? ABC Buys Pilot from Haven Creators

With the success (so far anyway) of CBS' "Under the Dome," ABC looks to be jumping on the Stephen King bandwagon by acquiring a pilot script from "Haven" creators Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn based on a King-penned short story.

ABC to Air the Remaining Episodes of 666 Park Avenue Beginning in June

"666 Park Avenue" was one of the biggest disappointments of the last TV season - both for viewers story-wise and for ABC ratings-wise. But fans of the show will finally have some closure when the network begins airing the remaining four episodes on Saturday, June 22nd.

Rise from the Dead and Watch the Official Trailer for Resurrection

As promised earlier today, ABC has released the official trailer for its upcoming new series "Resurrection," and we have a look at it for you right here. Again, no premiere date has been announced, but we expect more info soon.

ABC Announces Fall Schedule; Resurrection to Debut Later in the Season

We already knew ABC had picked up "Resurrection" (formerly "The Returned") as a new series on its roster, and today we were hoping to learn what night of the week it will be airing on. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little while longer.

ABC Gives Pickup Order to Resurrection (Formerly The Returned) and Releases Cast Photo; Passes on Gothica

In advance of next week's Upfront presentations by the major networks, we close out this week with word on which of ABC's two genre pilots got a new name and pickup order and which got the dreaded call saying it was a pass this time. Read on for the details.

Omar Epps Has the Juice in The Returned

More casting news is coming in for the ABC pilot "The Returned" as Omar Epps has signed on to the project to play a man with a lot on his mind. You know, the whole people who were long thought dead coming back thing can be stressful.

Nicholas Gonzalez Takes on The Returned

Another tidbit of casting news has come in for ABC's "The Returned" as Nicholas Gonzalez has boarded the show to play Connor, one of Sheriff Garland’s (Matt Craven) patrolmen and boyfriend to Gail (Devin Kelly).

Melissa George and Seth Gabel Join Gothica

More casting news has come our way for ABC's "Gothica" as "Fringe" alum Seth Gabel and one of our absolute favorite actresses, Melissa George, have signed on to the ever expanding cast. Read on for details.

Gothica - Frankenstein Finds a Wife in Emma Booth

More casting news has hit for the ABC series "Gothica" as Emma Booth has joined the cast to play Frankenstein's bride, Madeline Usher. No word yet on if she'll ever be rocking that crazy beehive hairdo with the stripes.

Two More Sign on for The Returned

Samaire Armstrong ("The Mentalist") and British actor Sam Hazeldine (Raven) have been cast in ABC’s drama pilot "The Returned," from Brillstein Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s Plan B and ABC Studios.

First Casting News for ABC's The Returned

The first casting news has arrived for the latest attempt at a genre show from ABC. Frances Fisher has signed on for "The Returned," from Brillstein Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s Plan B and ABC Studios.

Gothica Lands Showrunners

Showrunners have finally been named for the new ABC series "Gothica," and they bring with them some genre cred. Whether or not that will be enough to finally push the series over the top for the network remains to be seen, but we're rooting for them.

ABC's Gothica Pilot Finds Its Van Helsing

Word came last week that ABC's pilot for "Gothica" was still hunting for someone to play the lead, Grace Van Helsing, but now the role has been filled by a rather familiar face. Read on for the details.

Frankenstein and Dorian Gray Move into ABC's Gothica

Some new casting info has come in for ABC's "Gothica" pilot. Aussie Chris Egan will play Dorian Gray, and Brit Tom Ellis will portray Victor Frankenstein in the project, set in the present day, which weaves together a mythology that incorporates the legends of Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray.