Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Godzilla Facebook Page Offers Pacific Rim Related Advice

The official Godzilla Facebook page has some advice for those of you going to go see Pacific Rim this weekend - "When you go see Pacific Rim this weekend, be sure to stay until the final credits roll. There's something waiting to surprise you..."

Good Morning Godzilla - Godzilla Plot Point Confirmed

Dread Central reader Avery G just sent in an image of an article from a Hawaiian newspaper confirming the start of Japan's horrors with Godzilla. As expected, the real world event we heard the writers were talking about is indeed a tsunami.

Hawaii Sees Better Days in New Godzilla Set Video

Godzilla has wrecked one of the beaches found in Hawaii, and if you're hankering to see the damage, check out this latest video from the set of Legendary Pictures' now filming monster mash!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Talks Godzilla

One of the stars of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla had a chance to sit down with Total Film to discuss working on this beast of a movie. Read on for what he had to say, and look for more from Godzilla super soon!

Another Look at Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston on the set of Godzilla

A new round of paparazzi pix from the now filming Godzilla have made their way online via Just Jared, and they feature an extremely good look at stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston plowing through the muck.

Good Morning Godzilla - Shoreline Left in Shambles

Disaster. Total and complete disaster. Those are the only words that come to mind when thinking of these next stills in our Good Morning Godzilla coverage. Yep, it seems as if we're definitely getting down to the nitty gritty!

Good Morning Godzilla - The Heavy Guns Roll In

To say that Godzilla is a formidable foe is a bit of an understatement, and the U.S. Army is out in full force to try to destroy the fire-breathing beast. Check out new images of our boys and girls defending San Fran!

Godzilla to Take a Shot at the Golden Gate Bridge

It seems as though our Godzilla coverage is outgrowing its usual AM time slot as even more goodies have surfaced from the Canadian set. The behemoth's next target? The Golden Gate Bridge.

Good Morning Godzilla - Village Under Quarantine

And our quest to bring you every nook and cranny filled with Godzilla goodness continues with another set of images from that Japanese fishing village which is now apparently a no-man's land. Check 'em out!

Good Morning Godzilla - Shots Fired On Set!

If you've been following along, then you've already seen lots of looks at the San Francisco Wharf which has been lovingly recreated up in Canada. Well, looking at these latest images, Godzilla is on his way to shore, and the military are there to meet him... guns blazing!

Tons of New Godzilla Eye Candy

Giant blue screens! People fleeing for their lives! A wrecked Japanese fishing village! Yep, it's all here in a healthy does of paparazzi images from the set of the now filming Godzilla! Read on for the goodies!

New Godzilla Still Makes Plans to Evacuate

A new image from the now shooting Godzilla has been tweeted by Legendary, and it shows off some evacuation plans that trace the Farallon Islands, which lie 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Dig it!

Good Morning Godzilla - Fire From Above? Warheads Locked and Loaded!

Time for a new image that brings about some technical speculation. We all know that the hottest fire appears as a white/bluish flame. With it you get temperatures around 2,732° Fahrenheit (1,500° Celsius). That being said...

Good Morning Godzilla - Testing the Landing Craft; Smokey New Video

We've already seen a few pictures of the military landing craft from the set of the currently shooting Godzilla, and now comes a quick video test of the craft in action. We also have another video from the streets of Steveston!

Good Morning Godzilla - New Behind-the-Scenes Video

A new video from the set of the now filming Godzilla has emerged online of star Aaron Taylor-John filming a scene on a very smokey street. Wonder where all that smoke was coming from? Hopefully a giant fire-breathing beast!