A Cadaver Christmas

Be One of Five Lucky Readers to Win a Copy of A Cadaver Christmas

Ho, ho, ho. We may all be carving pumpkins and preparing our Halloween costumes, but let's not forget that the Christmas season is coming. And how about this for a new Christmas tradition: win a copy of A Cadaver Christmas and watch that baby by an open fire each year.

A Cadaver Christmas Wants You to Spend the Holidays with the Dead!

This holiday season, grab your loved ones and hold them close. They don't even have to be alive! The dead need some cuddling too what with the whole room temperature body thing. Just deal with the smell and stop complaining!

New Goodies Unwrapped For A Cadaver Christmas!

Christmas has come a little early for indie horror fans with a truly sick sense of humor! That's right, kids! Spike the eggnog, chain up the elves and get ready for another peek at some upcoming yuletide madness!

Trailer for A Cadaver Christmas

We love Christmas here at Dread Central. Presents. Spiked eggnog. Strategically placed mistletoe over the groin area. What could be better? How about throwing zombies into the mix? Yes! Now you have our full attention.