A Bigger Boat

A Bigger Boat Sails to Tom Shankland's Dark Corners

With his latest company, A Bigger Boat, Peter Block is amassing quite the horror canon with films from both up-and-comers like Adam Green and even horror masters like John Carpenter. The next talent to set sail? Tom Shankland, director of The Children. There truly are some wonderfully dark days ahead, dearest reader! From the Press Release:

A Bigger Boat Pulling Up to the House at the End of the Street

Peter Block has long been a supporter of the horror genre, and his latest production endeavor A Bigger Boat is getting set to further increase its horror catalog with yet another tale of terror!

Ready for The Mourning After?

Yet another supernatural thriller is on its way as the screenwriter of Obsessed (yes, that Obsessed), David Loughery, has sold another script that will attempt to elicit more than a couple of chills out of prospective viewers.

Danielle Panabaker Next Patient in The Ward

Fresh from going all screamy for Jason in the Friday the 13th remake, Danielle Panabaker is ready to perform for yet another horror icon!

John Carpenter Takes Us to The Ward

You have got to give it to Peter Block. Since his departure from Lionsgate he's been a very busy man, and his new company A Bigger Boat has just announced its latest feature -- John Carpenter's The Ward.

Adam Green Talks Frozen & More!

One of our genre's rising stars also happens to be one of the busiest guys in the biz. Adam Green has several projects in the fire and sat down with us today to give the lowdown on two of them: the feature film Frozen and his short "Fairy Tale Police" for Xbox Live.

Adam Green & A Bigger Boat Get Frozen!

We've all been wondering what the first project Peter Block was going to do with his new company, A Bigger Boat, after his departure from Lionsgate, and we've just received word that the first film under that newly formed banner will be Adam Green's Frozen!

Block is Back With Bigger Boat

Peter Block, former president of acquisitions and co-producer at Lionsgate, has set off on his own with a brand-new company called A Bigger Boat, securing distribution deals with Overture in North America and Alliance in the UK, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia, according to Variety.