Mondo Releasing Stellar Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness Artwork

It's the special time of the year again when Mondo puts out exclusive artwork that has us all drooling. Of course most of us have come to terms with the fact that we will never be lucky enough to ever own one of these, as they sell out in seconds, but damn it, we try!

Confirmed! Go Through Puberty With Leatherface!

We told you a few weeks ago that the next entry in the Texas Chainsaw franchise is going to be exploring the iconic slasher's teenage years, and now the official confirmation has come! Zits and oily skin will be the least of your worries!

Enjoy a Clip from True Blood Ep. 7.09 - Love Is to Die; Official Synopsis for Series Finale Ep. 7.10 - Thank You

Well, fangbangers, this is it... the last two episodes of "True Blood" are upon us, and along with a sneak peek of Episode 7.09, "Love Is to Die," we have the official synopsis for the finale, Episode 7.10, "Thank You."

Finger Puppet Theatrics Shed Some Varsity Blood

Varsity Blood is heading our way on DVD in less than a week, and in honor of the occasion RLJ/Image Entertainment has provided us with a little video for you to sink your teeth into. Check out some Finger Puppet Theater!

Gravitas Devoured at Home

Though it's been available in the UK for a while now, Gravitas Ventures will be releasing director Greg Olliver's Devoured on VOD on September 2, 2014. Read on for details of the film, which was written by Marc Landau.

Horror History: New Developments Concerning Shaun of the Dead

Calm down, guys. This isn't a story about a remake or anything even remotely like that. In fact... this is something pretty damned cool. On tap right now is a sliver of movie history... AND... the coolest damned thing that you're likely to see all day!

Gamescom: Bethesda Announces Season Pass for The Evil Within

The biggest horror release of the year got even more frightening today, as Bethesda Softworks announced the season pass for The Evil Within, which includes three add-ons that are planned for the game.

Walking Dead Season 4 Deleted Scene Shambles Online

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season 4 is coming home, as always, in three different editions: DVD, Blu-ray, and Collector's Edition Blu-ray featuring another round of packaging to die for. Entertainment Weekly scored itself a new deleted scene from the set! Dig it!

Win Freddy Makeup Appliances Signed by Robert Englund and Robert Kurtzman

This past weekend Robert Englund reprised the iconic role of Freddy Krueger at Chicago's Flashback Weekend to raise money to save a local Chicago drive-in, and now you have your chance to own what has to be the ULTIMATE Elm Street collectible!

Gamescom: Quantum Break's Gameplay Demo Stops Time and Blows Minds

In the middle of a very impressive press conference from Microsoft, Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment gave Xbox owners their first look at one of the console’s most intriguing exclusives, Quantum Break.

Dark Cove Trailer Invites You on a Camping Trip

After directing a couple short films in the last few years, young filmmaker Rob Willey makes his feature debut with Dark Cove, a Canadian production that looks to mine the largely untapped world of evil surfers. And you thought sea monsters were the only thing you had to worry about out there in the water!

Gamescom: #killallzombies Announced for PS4

Sony is a company of its word. At E3 the powers-that-be promised zombies, and boy, are they giving them to us. Yet another in a growing list of zombie games has been announced for the PS4: the action-packed #killallzombies.

Mary Shelley's Monster Comes to Life with Casting News; Taissa Farmiga on Board

Countless movies over the years have used Mary Shelley's iconic novel Frankenstein as inspiration, and countless more are no doubt headed our way. But the upcoming Mary Shelley's Monster takes an admirably different direction, telling the tale of the woman behind the story.

Gamescom: You Must Improvise in the New Alien: Isolation Trailer

Sega just unleashed a new trailer for its upcoming sci-fi/survival horror game, Alien: Isolation. The trailer, entitled Improvise, displays how the game is paying homage to classic survival horror by returning it to its roots.

Jersey Shore Massacre Chums the Waters with a Red Band Trailer

Heading to select theaters on August 22nd and Blu-ray/DVD on the 26th is Jersey Shore Massacre (review), and to follow up the trailer and clip we've shared with you already, today comes the flick's red band trailer.