Seattle Museum Celebrates The Lure of the Horror Film

Despite being one of the single most profitable genres in the entire world, horror has long been the red-headed bitch-slapped problem child of society. Blamed for everything from actual murder to obesity. We as fans all know that's bullshit, and one museum in Seattle is giving the genre its due.

Gamescom: A Gory Introduction to Hellblade

A warrior woman sits in a circle of runes, locked in mediation. Her sword’s tip is planted in the ground. She grips the blade and watches the crimson flow down its broad edge. It appears to be a blood offering.

Which Movie Maniac Has the Highest Body Count? Find Out NOW!

For years a battle has raged amongst horror fans over who is the biggest and baddest movie maniac. Jason Voorhees? Freddy Krueger? Pinhead? Now, thanks to a nifty new graph from Film.com, you can find out for yourselves, despite one glaring omission!

Image Checks into The Houses October Built

Some quick distro news is coming in late in the day as Image Entertainment has nabbed North American rights to The Houses October Built and plans to release the thriller simultaneously in theaters and on video-on-demand.

Director David Hackl Unveils His Earthworks

War is hell, and Saw V director David Hackl is out to prove it's a lot more hellish than you may think with his latest film, Earthworks. There's just one small detail... he's looking to you to help fund a portion of it! Read on for details.

The Babadook Scores a Scary New Trailer

Total Film just scored itself a brand spanking new trailer for the highly anticipated new fright flick The Babadook (review), and you can let it roll off of your tongue right here!

Second Annabelle Image All Sinister Smiles

Heading our way on October 3rd, presented by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle will be haunting our nightmares, but right now we have a new still for you courtesy of Entertainment Weekly! Check it out!

Gamsecom: Slay a Werewolf in the New Witcher 3 Trailer

CD Projekt Red revealed a taste of the otherworldly horrors that dwell inside The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The new trailer, released during Gamsecom, features Geralt of Rivia facing a monstrous classic, the werewolf.

Frau Blucher! Young Frankenstein Celebrating 40th Anniversary on Blu-ray!

One of the single funniest films of all time, Mel Brook's 1974 classic Young Frankenstein is gearing up to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a brand new Blu-ray that's guaranteed to electrify! Frau Blücher! *horse whinnies*

Casting News and More Details on Helix Season 2

By the time Season 1 ended, we were pretty disappointed in Syfy's "Helix," but some casting news for Season 2 has come in along with a few more details of what's ahead for the members of the CDC so we thought we'd pass it on.

Godzilla Sequel Set for 2018

Legendary Pictures confirmed during its SDCC '14 panel that Gareth Edwards will return to direct Godzilla 2. Now, a few weeks later, we have a date to pencil into your calendars should they go as far as 2018.

The Strain Gets a Second Season!

The worst part about watching a new series is you never know if the time you invest in it will pay off. Sometimes shows are cut short, and other times they're just not renewed, leaving you with a cliffhanger in nowheresville. Thankfully, that's NOT going to happen with "The Strain."

TIFF 2014: The Editor One-Sheet Lets the Nipple Slip

Playing as part of this year's Toronto International Film Festival is the upcoming giallo-comedy The Editor. Check out this new and nippular retro-poster!

The Bates Motel - Original Television Series Soundtrack Checks In August 25th

Varèse Sarabande Records will release the BATES MOTEL - Original Television Series Soundtrack, featuring the original score composed by Chris Bacon, digitally and on CD August 25th. We have all the details you need right here.

Another Look at NECA's Glorious Ultimate Freddy

From Figures.com comes another look at NECA's Ultimate Freddy collectible, which will be hitting stores this fall in celebration of the 30th anniversary of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Check it out, and then wipe your mouth when you're done. That drool is just unbecoming.