Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha Pulling an Aliens: Familiar Face Joins the Cast

We’ve just been sent some incredible information about Piranha JPN (which is being titled Summer of the Piranha outside of Japan), the new entry in the long-running aquatic horror franchise. During a TV press conference with Chako van Leeuwen (Hisako… Continue Reading

CinemaCon 2017: Could The Dark Tower Be the Beginning of a Stephen King Cinematic Universe?

Dark Tower

At this year’s CinemaCon, Sony premiered the first official footage from their upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, which is being hailed as creepy, exciting, and a fantastic realization of the author’s work. However, what’s most interesting about… Continue Reading

Go Behind the Scenes of the A Nightmare on Elm Street-Inspired Film Dream Demon

The 1988 British horror film Dream Demon might not have as wide an audience as the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but hopefully that will change one day. Co-written and directed by Harley Cokeliss (second unit director on The… Continue Reading