Spend 8 Minutes in Halloween Hell

Edward Hunt (1981's Bloody Birthday) makes his long-awaited return to the horror genre with Halloween Hell, and right now we have an 8-minute promo reel for you guys to dig on while we all count down to the 5PM whistle!

First Trailer Found Wearing Sheep Skin

We told you a while back that short film director Kurtis M. Spieler just wrapped production on the feature film adaptation of one of his shorts, titled Sheep Skin, and today we have the trailer to carry you off into the weekend! Dig it!

Set Visit Coverage: Tobias Jelinek Talks Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs

Directed by Academy Award-winning special effects makeup artist Tom Woodruff, Jr., Fire City is a movie we’ve been watching very closely from its inception as a short film, during its successful Kickstarter campaign, and right on up to the filming on-set...

The Raid 2: Berandal Opens Wide! New Character Poster!

The long-awaited sequel to The Raid, The Raid 2: Berandal (review), is finally here; and to celebrate, we have a new poster for you cats with a lot character! Check it out!

Rob Zombie Signs on as a Guest Judge on Spike TV's Ink Master

In between making music and movies, Rob Zombie is now lined up as a special guest judge on Spike TV’s hit reality competition series “Ink Master.” He'll appear in next week's April 15th episode at 10 PM ET/PT.

Gareth Edwards Gets the Call for Godzilla

Another video has come our way in promotion of Legendary Pictures' upcoming take on Godzilla featuring director Gareth Edwards discussing how he got the gig. Look for more on the flick soon as the days are ticking away!

Herbert West Being Re-Animated on UK DVD and Blu-ray

UK-based fans of the deranged antics of one Herbert West in Stuart Gordon's classic Re-Animator have reason to be very, very excited as Second Sight have announced details of their upcoming limited edition DVD and Blu-ray releases of the film, hitting shelves this June 2.

Godzilla - Hear the Mighty MUTO Roar; New Poster

Over on the Godzilla website there's lots to do if you take the time to tinker. If you work hard enough, you'll even be able to hear one of the other creatures, known as MUTO, roar! Or you can just read on so we can link you directly to the file. Dread Central... doing our part to make the lazy happy!

NBC Announces the Air Dates for its Rosemary's Baby Adaptation

If you've been excited about NBC's new two-part reimagining of "Rosemary's Baby" and wanting to know when you can see it, the wait is over. The network has announced the show's air dates, and we have all the details you need right here!

PlayStation 4 Trailer for The Last of Us Arrives

The trailer for the PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us has hit the interwebs, and though it's light on actual gameplay footage, what little we do see is knock-out gorgeous. Check it out!

Genevieve Has a Request in this New Clip from The Originals Episode 1.18 - The Big Uneasy

While we do prefer Klaus with Cami, his new relationship with Genevieve has added a few welcome sparks to "The Originals," and in this new sneak peek of next week's Episode 1.18, "The Big Uneasy," she has a request for Elijah. We're pretty sure he's gonna say yes...

Bloody Clips Provide Sneak Peek at Scream Factory Release of Dead Shadows

As we told you earlier this year, Scream Factory is putting out David Cholewa's Dead Shadows (review) on April 29th, which is one release we're very much looking forward to.

A Pair of New Season 2 Teasers Are Trapped Under the Dome

A couple of new teasers popped up on YouTube for Season 2 of CBS's popular summer series "Under the Dome," and if you don't mind a few French subtitles, feel free to check them out right here! "Under the Dome" returns on Monday, June 30th.

Brutal Opening Scene of Proxy Is Guaranteed to Shock You; Watch It Now

Horror movies aren't exactly supposed to make you feel good. They're supposed to shock you. They're supposed to terrify you. And they're supposed to show you just how evil and horrifying the world can be.

Horror History: Check Out the Original Press Kit for John Carpenter's The Thing

Few films in the history of horror cinema have had a greater impact on the genre than John Carpenter's The Thing. The film, simply put, is as close to perfect as they come. Now it's time to take a look back and check out the press kit for this 1982 masterpiece.