Walkers Close in on Tyreese in this Clip from The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Nobody could have filled the shoes of "The Walking Dead's" Tyreese any better than actor Chad Coleman, which is why we're a little nervous about this new sneak peek of the Season 5 premiere that AMC just released. We want Chad to stick around a bit! Check it out...

Prep for Supernatural Season 10 with a Producer's Preview by Jeremy Carver

"Supernatural" Season 10 kicks off in just a few more weeks, and to help get you ready for it, The CW has released a new interview with showrunner/exec producer Jeremy Carver. The hunt for Dean begins soon...

Howl Details Fleshed Out

The official plot details have arrived for the new werewolf flick starring A Lonely Place to Die's Ed Speleers and The Descent's Shauna Macdonald, entitled Howl. Read on for the skinny regarding the Paul Wyett helmed production.

New Ragnarok Clip Attacks

A new clip for Ragnarok (now available on iTunes and On Demand) has arrived via Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing, and we have it for you right here. Seems like we've been talking about this one forever, no?

Screen Media Has its Faults

Some distribution news just arrived for the dramatic thriller Faults, starring Leland Orser (The Guest, Taken) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, The Thing). Screen Media Films plans to distribute the film on March 6, 2015, with a nationwide theatrical release accompanied by a day-and-date VOD platform release.

Lionsgate Grabs Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Zombie Daughter Maggie

Playing as part of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival is the Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie film, Maggie, and right now we have the first Stateside distro news for you guys. Dig it!

Prometheus and Blade Runner Sequels Have Been Written Says Ridley Scott

Now 76 years old, Ridley Scott is showing no signs of slowing down with Exodus: Gods and Kings set for release later this year and The Martian in the works for 2015...

The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill Headed Home in September

Well over a year ago here on Dread, Uncle Creepy was raving about The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill (review), and today we're happy to report that it's finally getting set to haunt us all here in the States. Read on for release details!

Syfy Plans to Be Dead Still in October; Behind-the-Scenes Photos and More!

Earlier this month Syfy announced its seventh annual "31 Days of Halloween" will be airing in October, and another new film has joined the lineup. Read on for the first details, some behind-the-scenes images, and more for Dead Still.

Full Release Details Squirm in for Scream Factory's Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Just in time for Halloween, Jeff Lieberman's 1976 cult classic Squirm slithers its way onto Blu-ray for the very first time, courtesy of the fine folks over at Scream Factory. Carnivorous worms in high-def, you say? Yes please. Read on for all the gooey details!

A Gingerclown Coming to Club You With a Funnybone

What's scarier than an evil clown? How about an evil Gingerclown? Or something like that... Anyway, here's a new movie featuring a grease-painted psycho and Tim Curry. That should be enough to keep you reading.

Satanic Panic Hits Magnet Releasing

Thanks to their steady stream of impressive offerings, Magnolia's genre arm Magnet Releasing has become a distribution label known for quality, their attachment to a film immediately lending legitimacy to it. Their latest acquisition is the teen horror flick Satanic, and on tap for you today are all the devilish details!

The Pyramid Trailer Found in a Sarcophagus

Unwrapped right now we have the first official trailer for Gregory Levasseur's directorial debut, The Pyramid (formerly Site 146). The flick was scooped up for distribution by Fox, who plans to release it in theatres on December 5, 2014. Check it out!

A Werewolf Rises in New Trailer

Bill Oberst, Jr.'s, new werewolf flick for Ruthless Pictures, Werewolf Rising, is hitting DVD on October 14, 2014, via RJ/Image Entertainment; and we have a look at the trailer and more for you right here. Mark your calendars, and dig it!

Get Back in the Fight with this New Trailer for The Originals Season 2

"The Originals" returns on Monday, October 6th, with its Season 2 premiere; and The CW has released a new trailer promising we'll get back in the fight soon. Check it out, and expect lots more over the coming weeks.