Alexandre Aja and Jamie Dornan Explore The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

Horns, The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha, and Haute Tension director Alexandre Aja is keeping really busy, and rightfully so as he's talented x10! Word of his latest project just hit the wire, and we have your details right here.

New Horns Trailer Swims in from Across the Pond

A new UK trailer for Alexandre Aja's Horns (review) has arrived which is a bit darker than the earlier ones. We like darker. We like darker a lot. Check it out, and look for more soon!

Horror Stars Assembled at IKEA

Having had my first IKEA experience several years ago, I can say this... this wonderland of wood and Allen wrenches lives up to its reputation of being the seventh circle of hell (with Walmarts occupying every other circle) perfectly. The Swedish meatballs do little to quell the madness.

Rob Zombie's 31 - More Concept Art Arrives!

We are really digging the concept art that Rob Zombie keeps releasing for his next endeavor, the Halloween-set horror flick 31. Are you a fan too? Given that every time we post one of these stories, it's usually our highest trafficked of the day, I'd say "Yes" is a safe bet for an answer.

Ruthless Pictures Invites You to The Anniversary; Dig this Retro Art!

With a handful of projects currently in the works, Jesse Baget's Ruthless Pictures has just acquired another one, and you're going to absolutely love the retro-style poster art for it. Read on for details about your invitation to The Anniversary!

Go Behind the Scenes of Insidious Chapter 3

A new behind-the-scenes look at Insidious: Chapter 3 featuring Lin Shaye and Dermot Mulroney has made its way online, and as always we are here to make the catch and bring it to your attention. Dig it!

New Ragnarok One-Sheet Slithers In

Comic Book Resources nailed down an exclusive look at the new Ragnarok (now available on iTunes and On Demand) poster, which was designed by Wonton Soup creator James Stokoe! Check it out!

Get Your First Look at Syfy's Town of the Living Dead

Syfy's new docuseries "Town of the Living Dead" premieres with two back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, October 7th, and the network has released the first footage from the show, which you can check out right here!

10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute with Rob Zombie; See Our Photo Gallery and More

With nearly 3,000 fans in attendance, Dread Central hit this past Sunday’s 10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA, and we got an eye and earful. Read on for our report, photo gallery, and a video clip from the event.

Hideo Nakata's The Complex Opening on VOD Stateside

Ring director Hideo Nakata's new film The Complex is hitting iTunes, Amazon, and VOD on September 9th via Orchard and Shock Till You Drop, and right now we have a new trailer and poster for you. Dig 'em!

Two Clips from The Dead 2 Rise from Their Graves

The Ford Brothers' eagerly awaited sequel to their film The Dead, entitled The Dead 2 (aka The Dead 2: India), is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay, and we have two new clips for you to chew on.

New Trailer Enters the House of Manson

Four decades removed from the Tate murders, Charles Manson is one of those names that are entirely too capable of sending many a shiver down the spine. On tap right now we have the trailer for the latest film to explore his madness, Brandon Slagle's House of Manson. Check it out!

See the Opening Scene from Tricia Lee's Silent Retreat

Next month Canadian fiends will have a chance to check out creature feature Silent Retreat via Black Fawn Distribution. Meanwhile, the rest of us can check out the flick's opening scene right now!

Exclusive Film Blog - Week 3 with Spirit World Films' Creature Feature

We're back with the third installment of Dread Central's exclusive on-the-set coverage from Atlanta for Spirit World Films' Creature Feature, and this week we tackle "How to Reinvent the Indie Wheel... Or Die Trying."

Go Behind the Scenes of As Above/So Below with the Dowdle Brothers

A new behind-the-scenes video for this weekend's horror offering, As Above/So Below, popped up online courtesy of Legendary Films; and to save you the trouble of hunting for it, we have it right here!