Scratch Blood Off Your List

Well, I'm all done with this one. That picture you see on the right will now mark yet another werewolf film that gets it very, very wrong. And yeah, I can say that without having seen it, so there.

Spring Break Succubus

Sometimes you stumble upon great things by surfing around the internet. In this case, I stumbled upon the website for an upcoming horror flick called Succubus: Hell-Bent. I'd never heard of this one b

Rip and Tear

Alright. The days are whizzing by and you’re still standing in line for a PS3 aren’t you? At least your phone still delivers the internets (unless you’re in a lawnchair mooching bandwidth off of Best

First Look Behind Diary

I dig the hell outta Mike Felsher. The former Anchor Bay man set out on his own a few years back with Red Shirt Pictures, producing special features for DVDs like Effects, Rock N’ Roll Nightmare, and

International Xmas

Though the first poster revealed for the upcoming Black Christmas remake was stylish, you can’t deny that it was a bit dull. The Germans have a much better idea for getting horror lovers in theaters,

30 Days, More Niles Updates

Steve Niles has been a busy guy as usual, juggling tons of new projects both in and out of the comic world. Apparently the last few days have been more productive than usual because this morning there are all sorts of cool new goodies over on his MySpace page.

Striking The Thing Remake

Though we had hoped and hoped for either a prequel or a sequel, that’s just not what’s cool these days and Universal knows it. That’s why they’ve just announced a remake of John Carpenter’s 1982 class

Zodiac Trailer Online!

Dave Fincher’s upcoming serial killer opus, Zodiac, is at the top of a lot of "must-see" lists mainly because... well, it’s David Fincher and he fucking rocks. Though I’m not entirely thrilled with th

"Sounds Like" Clip for You!

Tomorrow night’s episode of Masters of Horror, the Brad Anderson-helmed "Sounds Like," is unlike any Masters you’ve seen before. It’s dark and serious and will likely leave you feeling emotionally dra

The Biggest Haunted House

I’m sure as you sat on your couch, riveted to the screen during the three-day run of Stephen King’s last mini-series, Rose Red, you couldn’t help but wonder just where the writer got his wacky idea fo

Leatherface as Dracula?

From the star of one of the most successful horror re-envisionings in recent memory to a bloodsucking fiend of the highest societal standing; no one can accuse Andrew Bryniarski of not having range.

New Ending for Invasion?

Warner Bros just doesn’t learn, does it? Right here is a perfect example why just a few guys in suits making the decision of what works and what doesn’t is why most studio movies suck. A lot. In t

Zombie Wars Call to Arms

I almost passed up a news item on Twitch Films about yet another low budget zombie flick on the horizon, but then I saw the name David A. Prior listed as the filmmaker and immediately knew this was a

Even More Turistas Goodies

We’re giving it all to ya anyway, hard and fast, cause that’s just how we roll. The kind folks at Fox Atomic were nice enough to digitize their entire EPK (that’s Electronic Press Kit to you, bub)

Carnies Trailer Lives!

Just got a heads up from Brian Corder, director of the upcoming indie horror flick Carnies, that the first teaser trailer has made its way online via the sickos over at Toxic TV. Doug Jones, Chris Stvaiski, Dave Markham and Reggie Bannister star in this twisted tale of murder and mayhem at a travailing carnival during the 1940’s.