Trey and Matt Unleash Monsters

Variety got word this morning that "South Park" masterminds Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be heading back to the big screen with Giant Monsters Attack Japan!, a live action send-up of Japanese giant

Superbeasto Theatrical?

Yesterday we got a heads-up from a reader with some potentially good news regarding The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, the animated film being made by the guys behind "Ren & Stimpy" based on the com

New Look at Pick Me Up Art

This morning we got the first look at the art for Anchor Bay’s upcoming release of Larry Cohen’s Masters of Horror entry, "Pick Me Up" (review), which was shown under the original MOH format but has n

Covers for Mae Nak, Shoes

The boys over at DVD Active got their hands on the cover art for two brand-new releases from Tartan, The Red Shoes and Ghost of Mae Nak. The latter, about a couple who move in with a vengeful spirit t

McFarlane's Nightmare

I have to say I’ve not been terribly impressed with McFarlane’s line of "pop culture masterworks," as they call them, which are just 3D versions of classic movie posters and album covers, but damn thi

BVS: Bachelor Vs. Squid

I've been chomping at the bit for some time now in anticipation over what will no doubt be yet another mind-numbing Sci-Fi Channel original movie based solely on its premise. "Thirty years ago, Ray

Bettis Gets a New Scar

I’m not going to say this is the strangest bit of news I’ve seen in a while, but it sure as hell did make me go back and re-read it a few times to make sure I hadn’t misinterpreted what I had seen on

Magnolia Sets Dates for Host, Severance

So the predominant question that’s been on Asian cinemephiles’ lips for the past year or so is "When the hell do I get to see The Host?" Finally, we have an answer. January 29th, 2007... This is the word from Magnolia Pictures (via Bloody Disgusting), though it was not specified if it will be theatrical (damn well better) or straight to DVD.

Tripper Pics Arise

You may recall our mention of David Arquette’s directorial debut, The Tripper, during our coverage of Comic Con. Though there was nothing to show from the film, Arquette and crew (which included Steve

DVD Release List: Hill Comes Home

Here's your release list menu for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006... Demonic (2005) Directed by Johannes Roberts Ah, those angels. You spend a little time in the presence of the mightiest Holy One (

Trailer for Romero's Screening

Just in case you guys were out of the loop somehow (through no fault of this site, that’s for sure...), George Romero’s son Cameron has directed his first film, and it looks gory as hell. It’s called

Animated Hellboy in Action

To be honest I’m not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere beforehand or not, so I’m going to go under the assumption that it hasn’t. And hell, even if it has, that doesn’t mean you guys have seen

First Look at My Name is Bruce

Just last week we heard that shooting on My Name is Bruce, the new film directed by Bruce Campbell in which he plays himself, called to a town to defeat evil by those who can’t differentiate reality from fiction, had wrapped. Over the weekend AICN got the first pic from it, which you can see below. Yep, that’s the one and only Ted (The Mighty) Raimi in the role of Wing, caretaker of Guan-di, the Chinese God of War, who is the main baddy Bruce will be facing in the flick. Sounds like a blast so far!

*UPDATED!* Final Three Masters Named

*UPDATE: Sci Fi Wire got the episode info for the final three!* The final three directors in the second season of IDT/Showtime’s Masters of Horror series have finally been named with their work set

Vikings Vs. Monsters!

Now here’s something a bit different; a monster movie set during the age of Vikings. That’s a new one on me, but I’ll go along for the ride. The film is called Outlander, and is getting ready to start up its ten weeks of principal photography on October 9th in and around Halifax, British Columbia, according to Production Weekly.