Telephone for Bava

Without question one of Mario Bava's best films was a little anthology called Black Sabbath. Each of the stories contained in this masterpiece has enough dread, suspense, and terror to make even the m

Introducing... The Dead

Bloody-hungry fans wanting some next generation zombie carnage needn't look any further than next Wednesday as Capcom's Dead Rising hits stores for the XBOX 360. The fine folks over at XBOXYDE got

*UPDATED* Omen in October

**UPDATE: So much for creative packaging, eh? Thanks to DVD Active for the low-res look.** Not that it will come as any great surprise, but Fox Home Entertainment announced today that John Moore’s

Imprint Art?

It was recently announced that Taksahi Miike’s banned Masters of Horror episode, "Imprint" (review) would be hitting DVD on September 26th, which is great news for all of us who were more than a littl

Buzz and Berry Up for Hills 2?

We just got word from a reader by the name of Jon who was in attendance at this weekend’s Flashback Weekend in Chicago and got some potentially good casting news for the Hills Have Eyes sequel. He

Smith Thinks Work Sucks

I really don’t know why we keep failing to mention Christopher Smith’s horror/comedy Severance, his follow-up to the underground thriller Creep (review), but that’s what happens when you’ve only got one full-time guy banging out the news. Shit slips through the cracks.

Doug Jones Talks Pan's

What I witnessed at Comic Con when Guillermo and star Doug Jones got on stage to discuss Pan’s Labyrinth shouldn’t be called a panel. That phrase is just too informal; this was more like listening to

Halloween Night Escapes the Asylum

You have to hand it to The Asylum.

Pulse Director Faces His Demons

While we wait for Dimension to finally get around to releasing Pulse (they just changed the date, again, this time to August 25th), the boys at B-D got chatting with the film’s director, Jim Sorenzo,

A Mini Grudge Tease

Yahoo Movies has redefined the meaning of the word "teaser" with a brief 10-second excerpt from the jaw-dropping Grudge 2 Comic Con trailer. Why they chose to scale down the preview is unknown, but

New Evil Aliens Poster, Release Dates

Though not quite as cool as the UK one-sheets, the North American poster for Jake West’s splatterific Evil Aliens (review) is still pretty damn sexy... mainly because it features a quote from us! Gran

Snakes on a Train Trailer!

As much time as I've spent ragging on The Asylum for their straight-to-DVD knock-offs of big screen films that usually end up being plodding, inept, and not even trying to rip-off the movies they’re r

New Look at The Girl Next Door

The folks over at ModernCine just dropped us a line with an update on and a set of new images from their adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s notorious The Girl Next Door, which just wrapped its first week of

Guillermo Goes to TV

Though it’s never overtly mentioned that the projects will be horror in any way, shape, or form, it’s hard to avoid mentioning anything Guillermo del Toro in involved with since you just know he’s goi

Stars Decide to Take Call

With shooting under way on Eric Valette’s redo of the Takashi Miike horror hit One Missed Call, what better time to announce who will actually be starring in it, eh? Nothing like last minute! Vari