HorrorHound #5 Preview!

Now that’s the kind of cover that almost guarantees a blind buy from any horror fan. Which is damn good for HorrorHound, this only being their fifth issue (read my review of the last one here) because

Dead Things Ready to Shoot?

I knew Porky’s was an important film for me in my "formative" years (ahem), but I really had not idea how many others shared the same experience. Did you know that until very recently it held the reco

More Rock & Shock Footage!

Squeezed out a bit more from the Rock & Shock footage we shot a few weeks back; hope you guys dig it! This time we’ve got sound bites from Darren Bousman, Danielle Harris, Irwin Keyes, Seamus Davey-Fi

Book of Xombie

I had no idea the makers of the online animated series Xombie were so close to having their first book published, did you? You don’t have to answer that. Well, they are (yet another example of me

Clips for Xmas

Who else is sick of hearing about the Black Christmas remake already? Maybe I’m just bitter, but the movie really looks terrible (and a recent story on Arrow in the Head might make you re-consider the

Christmas Balls in Texas!

All right, Texas, listen up. For those of you who have been making Friday Night Frights part of your weekend routine, I have to say two things: I hate you because you get something cool like that and

Hitchin' a Poster

Despite the ill feelings I get everytime I think about The Hitcher remake hitting January 19th, I have to admit that’s a pretty classy poster. Of course its resemblance to the cover of the Masters of

Is He Awake Yet?

It’s been painful waiting for the occasional scraps of information about Alan Wake that Remedy tosses our way every few months, and I wish I could tell you that the floodgates have finally opened. Wel

International Hills

Strange how one little detail can change everything... Apparently the US censors, who as you know are responsible for telling us what is and is not offensive, felt the image of a mutant dragging a

Johnson Talks Preacher

Perhaps my fears were for naught. The recent news that Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson would be bringing the Preacher comic series to life via HBO left me a little concerned. Of all the names that have circled this project over the years, his is one of the least proven, but a recent chat with Fangoria has made me feel a helluva lot better about it.

Rise to Finally Rise?

Wow, remember the film Rise with Lucy Liu and Michael Chiklis? I know, I barely do either, but it’s one that’s been floating out in post-production hell for a long, long while now. Recently Sci Fi

Cain's Dead Clip

I know waiting for the latest Dean Cain movie can be akin to watching your girlfriend make out with another guy. It takes too long and you’re really not sure why it’s kinda hot, but hopefully we can h

Cast Set for Anderson's Latest

Though his latest effort does sound like more of a mystery akin to classic Hitchcock than a straight-up horror film, Brad Anderson’s always walked that fine line and I’m sure wouldn’t want to be categorized as anything other than a director of good, disturbing films.

Primeval Poster & Date Switch

I love the fact that there are not one but two killer crocodile movies coming our way next year. I think the Sci Fi Channel probably has a lot to do with that (see I knew their cheap ass movies would

Murder Set DVD

I really don’t know how I feel about talking about this movie at all, let alone giving you guys the info as to when and how you can buy it, but I guess sometimes pride must be swallowed for the good o