Chat Transcript: Mike Mendez!

Finally the public got to see just how cool Mike Mendez first film since The Convent really was when The Gravedancers got shown as part of the After Dark HorrorFest the weekend of November 17th-19th.

The Fear Fest Guest of Honor is...

When we announced our first-ever horror convention, being put on with the fine folks over at Pit of Horror, we had a pretty impressive list of names already set for attendance, but one very special on

Shaker Heights Survivors Find Hell

Yesterday we got a heads up about a new short film series that’s made its way onto Atom Films called Hellholes, and after checking it out, I'm pretty sure you guys will dig it. In an ironic twist t

NECA Promises More Evil

NECA just posted a new blog on their MySpace page with good news for those of you who dug their first series of classic Resident Evil figures but, like me, felt there were way too many humans among th

Rising New Images

Though there’s very little promise that the film will be good, the last prequel for the Hannibal Lecter series certainly didn’t set the expectations too high, I have to own up to a bit of curiosity re

HorrorFest DVD Date

I guess Lionsgate doesn’t want to see if the Horrorfest films will do well on their own, so they’re eliminating the risk factor and just dumping them all onto DVD on the same day according to the Fang

*UPDATED* Masters Season 2 in February?

Though nothing official has come down from Anchor Bay about when we can expect to see Season 2 of Masters of Horror on DVD, Amazon seems to have a pretty good idea. According to the site, both Joh

Troll Score Respect

I seriously doubt anyone, the man himself included, ever though Richard Band’s scores for movies like Puppetmster, Re-Animator and Troll would ever be considered classics by anyone, but apparently som

DVD Release List: New Old Christmas

Here's what lies in wait for you come December 5th, 2006... Beyond Dream's Door (1988) Directed by Jay Woelfel Imagine going through your whole life without dreaming. That’s the deal with Ben D

Cooper on the Meat Train

All right, this is good; Barker’s Midnight Meat Train adaptation is moving forward. Ryuhei Kitamura of Versus and Godzilla: Final Wars fame is attached to direct and now the most important puzzle piec

Malcolm's Dad is Fallen

You know things are weird with your show when the dad from "Malcolm in the Middle" is the devil. Such is the case with Fallen, which ABC Family has ponied up the cash for four additional hours of

Chocolate Trailer

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this last week. Or over the weekend. Indeed it was so forgettable that I had forgotten I forgot it. Wait ... what? What I reference is the trailer for Blood & Chocolate, the

Writing the Deadman

Finally, the Deadman is moving. Though it was announced a while back that Guillermo del Toro would be producing and possibly directing the adaptation of the DC Comic, things have been very quiet on th

HorrorHound #5 Preview!

Now that’s the kind of cover that almost guarantees a blind buy from any horror fan. Which is damn good for HorrorHound, this only being their fifth issue (read my review of the last one here) because

Dead Things Ready to Shoot?

I knew Porky’s was an important film for me in my "formative" years (ahem), but I really had not idea how many others shared the same experience. Did you know that until very recently it held the reco