Nasty New Hostel Poster

Wow, that’s pretty icky, eh? IGN just got their grubby appendages on the official teaser poster for Hostel Part II, which as we reported earlier is due out on June 8th via Lionsgate. I guess that’s re

First News & Pic From Plaguers

Just got word in our inbox from Mutation directors Brad and Josephina Sykes about their latest collaboration, a badass sounding genre mix called Plaguers.

Tiny Marvel Zombies!

Okay, so we are slow on picking up on the goings on of HeroClix. We are also slow on the newest innovations in Larping, Cosplay and D&D expansions. Shoot me! Nevertheless, we had to let you in

Two Important Dates Next Year

2007 has a lot of promise to be a good year for horror, but then I’ve thought that before ... For now I’ll keep my pessimism to myself and just say that I hope it turns out as good as it looks now. Tw

More Bruce!

The boys who believe their news is cool, AICN, just got their dirty mitts on a brand new exclusive pic from the upcoming Dark Horse Entertainment flick My Name is Bruce. Below is a tease (guess which shirt is Bruce’s!), but if you click on it, you shall be treated to the entire thing! Look for My Name is Bruce, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, this February!

Dimension Heeds the Warning

Dimension Films continues their sweeping grab of seemingly all things horror with today’s announcement in Variety that they’ve acquired the North America distro rights to Jamie (Urban Legend) Blanks’ latest horror pic, Storm Warning.

Exclusive: Warriors Creator Goes Sci-Fi!

The lovely lass known as Axelle got to attend a recent film festival in Turin and while there managed to have a brief chat with the one and only Walter Hill, the man who directed the 1979 mastepiece T

DVD Release List: Beware the Fair-Haired Child

A pretty small list for December 12th, 2006... The Brink (2006) Directed by Benjamin Cooper A brilliant engineering student named Megan sets out to find the blueprints for the device that Thom

Sega Hatches New Alien Games

Today is a good day. The Aliens franchise has always been a perfect pairing with videogames and despite dozens of different games from all kinds of different companies bearing the name of the franchis

Roth's Grind House Trailer

It's a wrap for Hostel: Part II (yea Roman numerals!) according to the latest blog posted over on Eli Roth’s MySpace page, but that doesn’t mean the man’s work is done. Post production begins in full

New Poster With a Message

Though it’s not the most exciting poster ever made for a horror film, the new one-sheet for The Messengers, the U.S. debut of The Pang Brothers, is subtly creepy enough for me to appreciate it. The fi

The Bay Rents Apartment Zero

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since Apartment Zero came out and someone is just now getting around to putting it out? Craziness. Thankfully it’s Anchor Bay who’ve taken the initiative t

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #63

Issue #63 December 2006 It’s weird because usually the covers for Rue Morgue impress the hell out of me; something about this one (of The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth) just feels awkward. Maybe

Masters Makes a Million, "Pelts" Cover Art!

Despite (or maybe because of) the mixed reviews they’ve been getting since the series' inception, sales of the first series of Masters of Horror DVDs haven't slowed down. Starz Media sent out a pr

Love Day for Leslie

When the announcement was originally made that Scott Glosserman’s excellent mockumentary/slasher film Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon would be getting a theatrical run thanks to Anchor Bay,