The Weinsteins Like Sheep

Man, the Weinsteins are just everywhere these days, aren’t they? Variety is reporting that, in their second team-up with IFC, the brothers' company has nabbed the release rights to Jonathan King’s ind

Exclusive Update on HorrorFest Tickets

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering, be it loudly on a message board or just inside your twisted little brain, why the package tickets for After Dark’s upcoming "8 Films to Die For" festival haven’t g

Castlevania Goes Rogue

Paul W.S. Anderson. Castlevania. Almost makes ya shudder, doesn’t it?

Ghoulish Art Online!

Gotta give some love to one of this site’s favorite artists working today, not to mention one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet: "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin!

Host Remake Already?

Now this is just flat-out disturbing. Bong Joon-ho just finished work on The Host after well over two years of hard work getting the look of the monster just right and balancing a horror story with a family drama, and now Universal’s going to come along and muck it all up. Like they always do.

Goatsucker Lovers Unite!

This past summer I did a story about a new flick entitled Mexican Werewolf in Texas, a creature feature that's actually about the chupacabra despite the film's obtuse title. The low budget monster mas

Jonathan Harker, I Presume?

What’s a videogame studio to do when they lose the "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" license? Why go back to Stoker’s immortal text of course. Van Helsing is too tainted by the recent movie (apologies go to

See Jericho in Action

The news on Clive Barker's Jericho has been pretty slow since July. Some of us feared that it may have headed in the same direction Demonic did after Grandma's Boy faded from the theatres. Don't you fear though, some more evidence has sprouted from the grave to give hope.

Ash vs. The Marvel Universe

If you didn't read Marvel Zombies in comic book or graphic novel form, then you missed out on a wild ride. A mysterious disease caused both humans and heroes to become flesh-craving monsters. The kick

Read Some Classics For Free!

If there’s one effect we can have on the entire horror genre through our efforts on this site, I would like it to be to make horror fans read more books. Some of the best horror tales are in between h

First Look at Family

My review for John Landis’ viciously odd new Masters of Horror episode "Family" is up right here for your reading pleasure. When you're done with that, you can come back here to get a quick glimpse of

Saw III's Knocking 'Em Out

Apparently we’ve either got movies with the kind of extreme violence some members of our society are just not ready for yet, or people going to see these movies are a bunch of pansies. I hope it’s

West Catches a Second Fever

I guess the question of whether a sequel to Eli Roth’s debut film Cabin Fever is or is not necessary is moot since we’re not really the ones to make such calls (yet), so we move on and hope Lionsgate has our best interests in mind when banging out a sequel.

Hitchin' a Ride

Yeah, I guess it’s all right to see some shots of action from Rogue Pictures' upcoming remake of The Hitcher, even if there’s not really a lot going on inside ‘em. Dave Meyers directed the remake, whi

One... Last... Update

Over on Fox Atomic.com, that is. We missed the final explosion (literally it seems) of good stuff on their site, but the beauty of the Internet is that such things will last forever. Until someone dec