Cast Set for Anderson's Latest

Though his latest effort does sound like more of a mystery akin to classic Hitchcock than a straight-up horror film, Brad Anderson’s always walked that fine line and I’m sure wouldn’t want to be categorized as anything other than a director of good, disturbing films.

Primeval Poster & Date Switch

I love the fact that there are not one but two killer crocodile movies coming our way next year. I think the Sci Fi Channel probably has a lot to do with that (see I knew their cheap ass movies would

Murder Set DVD

I really don’t know how I feel about talking about this movie at all, let alone giving you guys the info as to when and how you can buy it, but I guess sometimes pride must be swallowed for the good o

First Pics from Diary of the Dead!

How’s this for your Thursday afternoon? Work sucks, it’s just barely the weekend and you have no idea where you’re bound to wake up Monday morning; but it’s all all right cause we just got the first p

Foggy New Mask Poster

It is a shame that Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon is just now getting the respect it deserved long ago. Things are finally starting to move in the right direction, and Anchor Bay has drop

Unprotected Saw

I repeatedly beat myself over the head for missing Saw III in theatres. This is one of the many pitfalls of dating someone who is a fan of no horror film in the history of our genre. I did get to see

Rollin' With Dread

This Saturday, December 2nd, Dread Central teams up with The Hub City HellRazors Roller Derby Team at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. What's on tap for the night, and why the hell is Dread

Bride of Sideshow

Damn, Sideshow’s good. From their first inception as creators of cool new versions of classic Universal monsters to the present day, when they’ve got more successful licenses than surely anyone though

Worst Date Movie Ever

It really doesn’t matter how the final film actually plays out on screen; already the indie film Teeth from Mitchell Lichtenstein is the most terrifying film I’ve ever heard of. Set to make its wo

Final Chocolate Poster

Even though I’ve officially written Blood & Chocolate off as yet another werewolf movie that will give werewolf movies a bad name, which in turn will cause there to be fewer werewolf movies made, thus

Barker Resurrects Poe

Clive Barker’s always been known, by fans who care to look at his entire body of work rather than just his novels, as a man who has the ability to touch many different genres and age groups with his m

A Look at "Pelts"

Of all the people Dario Argento has likely wanted to work with here in the States over the years, who would’ve thought that Meatloaf would be the one chosen for his latest Masters of Horror entry, "Pe

Slicing Turistas

One more day until Turistas is in theaters, which means you’ve only got one more day to put up or shut up. The movie will either rock like I hope it does or slightly underwhlem like Andrew says it doe

Leelee Commits to Violence

Man, I love Leelee Sobieski. Seriously. I’m not sure what my attraction is to her. I agree she does resemble a young, hotter Helen Hunt, but I just go crazy for the girl. So it made me smile when

Dead Daughters, Live Posters

Haven’t heard too much about the planned US remake of Dead Daughters, the Russian film about the ghosts of three girls who enact revenge for their horrible deaths by randomly picking people to watch f