Tartan Readies Slaughter Night

I’m really not too sure how this got by us the first time it was announced but apparently, along with Dorm, Shutter, and Taxidermia (which we told you about here), Tartan Films have also nabbed the US

*UPDATE* New Loomis Found?

Yep, it's bullshit! I guess it happens to the best of 'em, eh? Hopefully we'll have some real casting news for you very soon! Just got a very cool piece of possible casting info in the DC inbox tha

Dark Lot Online

Wondering where the hype machine is for the three new horror films produced by Dark Lot Entertainment: Buried Alive, A Living Hell and Undead or Alive: A Zombedy? Wonder no more! Effects master Ro

Mini Mayor Stuffer

Anyone who goes to horror cons on a regular basis knows the work of the Clay Guy. He’s the one with all the cool mini-sculpts of your favorite horror icons set up in eye catching displays. They’re mor

Stuff Yourself on Turistas

The December 1st release date for Turistas is almost upon us, and with its impending approach more and more clips are turning up online that should do a damn fine job of swaying you into getting out t

The Future of HorrorFest

It’s been just over a week since the first-ever multi-city horror film festival took cineplexes by storm, and even though the box office shows that horror fans really do want something different, no o

Twisted Produces a Pres

Twisted Pictures was formed back in 2004 with the express purpose of getting more and more daring horror films into theaters for us discerning fans. Since that time, however, all they’ve put out have

The Terror of Del Toro!

December 29th can’t come soon enough. That’s when Picturehouse Entertainment will be unleashing the magic and wonder that is Pan’s Labyrinth upon us lowly mortals. Even if you’re not looking forward t

Chat With Mike Mendez This Thursday!

I’m hoping you all were able to check out the eight films shown during After Dark’s first annual HorrorFest weekend. If for whatever reason you didn’t catch all eight, I hope you at least made it a po

DVD Date Set for Saw III

Man, when Lionsgate has a money printing machine on their hands like they do with the Saw franchise, they really know how to keep on milking it, don’t they? Today a January 23rd release date was an

Unearthed Unleashes Cannibal

Back in 2003, a man with a lifelong obsession with cannibalism placed an ad on the Internet to find a victim who wanted to be eaten. Amazingly, he found someone, and together the two formed an unspeakable bond of human carnage, most of which was captured on a camcorder, the footage from which was used in the eventual murder trial the cannibal faced.

Malone Wants Your Help!

A few weeks back we made mention of the latest film on the way from House on Haunted Hill and Feardotcom helmer William Malone called Parasomnia. Enjoying the taste of freedom he experienced shooting his Masters of Horror episode, "The Fair-Haired Child," Malone took on the project without the involvement of any studio and raised the funds to make it himself.

Red Banded Host

You know it. You love it. You want to hug it and squeeze it and make it your own. Some call it "monster," but you?

DVD Release List: Twist of Kane

A short order of horror is up on November 28th, 2006... Bloodbath Beyond the Mind's Eye Directed by Jonn Specht Two films in one package? My God what will they think of next? Inside here is Ab

Plans Afoot for Third Hostel

You knew it was inevitable, right? Though the movie's not even out yet, Lionsgate is not one to shun the idea of a franchise no matter how sick and twisted the subject matter is. Gotta love 'em for th